Welcome to Our Lands of CCS Combat and Role Play

Welcome to the new Mythos of the Twilight Zone CCS Combat Estate Site. Our Mission is to provide a quality role play environment where you may know your role play is respected as the primary focus of our lands.

This page has new and events for both Twilight Zone and Labyrinthe de Mythos CCS Sims. Information regarding CCS developments and rules and policies. XP Role Play awards and projected projects and suggestions.

We will make a public page for review of the CCS Rule violation offenders as far as first warnings and sanctions.

If you intend to appeal a GM decision this is the place to do it keep it clear polite and the Administrators will weight each side carefully, if after this step you feel is a Global matter, be my guest is your account at least you took the proper steps and not run to GM shop.

Most this information is imported from our old Wiki at Twilight Zone but we needed more Administrative flexibility so we design this one as a replacement.

Rule one is you don't have the right to be a Asshole. Furthermore we consider the CCS as a Role Play tool not the other way around. Let try to follow the Land you play in theme and have fun if you stay In Charactor at all times in the role play zone is hard to have problems. I see a saying in another Lands rules, "leave your drama with your mama" works for me :)


MarkusChristopher Llewellyn

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