CCS Role Play Academy

When you are available to schedule a Class please find a open space here in this calander, then IM me to have it placed in this Calander, then I will ensure ithe event is added and CCS Events notices are made to announce the upcomming class. Give me details such as Class subject, time (in Second Life time), language and the Sim the class is to be held in. I can be reached Inworld at MarkusChristopher Llewellyn or OOC at moc.liamg|odacremevajom#moc.liamg|odacremevajom

This is a calendar of the upcoming events in CCS Role Play Academy Group of Second Life. The calendar is an embedded public google calendar which can be added into your own google calendar by importing the calendar of "moc.liamg|ymedacayalpelorscc#moc.liamg|ymedacayalpelorscc". Access to modifying calendar events is restricted, so if you would like to edit, contact Markus of the this site. If you are a committed teacher we will give you the password and link to this calander for your ease of scheduling :)

Role Play Academy Ideas

What I would like to see is an alliance of experienced Role Players who can adapt to a syllabus of prearranged subject materials and can teach, lecture and workshop each class covering one of the subjects with the students.

I feel our teachers may have enough talent to easily cover each subject from their own experience and the new players and some regular ones for that matter may find a new view of CCS and role play itself, rules, habits and have a positive role play model to look up to.

This of course is a issue in CCS is young players find high level players who are good fighters but actually poor models of role play and act with much OOC and Drama, and the young players emulate this for they really know no better till it is too late.

I have set aside some space and added it to our Sim theme in the Labyrinthe de Mythos to have this role play environment and our policies lean to allowing new players to have chance to learn role play without undue harassment, until they are more confident and at least know how to role play a combat or a defeat properly and without needing to go OOC or GM intervention. So far we have been successful with this.

The CCS Role Play Academy although I had originally planned for my Estate, now I can see is really designed, or has evolved to a multi-Sim project. This group can be a nice springboard and bank of information and organization with the goal of all of us coordinating together to have classes maybe everyday or in Spanish, French or English or German whatever class the volunteer teacher may be comfortable with.

What we need now since we already have dedicated people, for as you can see we have them, we need to organize and coordinate now, maybe each volunteer teacher can pick a subject, language and a time and place, we can then announce it at least 24 hours in advance in CCS events.

Maybe we can look at our own Wiki where we can have a Teacher Calendar or something like that is editable and we can initial in when we are able to teach a class, subject, language and a time and place as we mentioned before and Staff who can review this daily and coordinate getting us students.

We have had some impromptu Classes in Mythos and we see is a desire for players to learn more about role play, is clear OOC combat gets old fast and is not challenging enough for the players and they are thirsting for knowledge. This is not a new idea as I see several Sims doing this on a regular basis, and my respect for this is apparent here, but now I like to try and do this on a more organized wide scale idea and method.

Lets do something together, we can defeat OOC Drama with education I know it!


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