Estate Ban List

Estate Banned Players

May 2009

18.05 Bambuzada Sims - Player tp'd away twice while GM was talking to him, contacted in IM and shouted and swore at GM the entire conversation. - CCS Ban approved by Global and was given estate ban. - Lill3y

06.05 Shaylee Azalee - Player found 2nd time using jump enhancer and flying in Twilight Zone - 1 week estate ban + 250 XP dock - Lill3y

06.05 - Draco Wolfenhaut - Blurring OCC and IC in Role Play - 3 month estate ban for a time out

04.05 - Cliff Blackheart - Child Avatar seen flying round sim, tried to chase gave up ejected and banned - Twilight Zone - Lill3y

April 2009

21.04 - Absolute Silverfall & Dandilyon Jinx
Both non CCS players staying in Mall area and rezzing objects such as boxes of textures, and editing appearance.

Got rude when asked not to rez objects in the sim after being there for a few hours doing so and leaving the boxes out in the shops.
Estate Banned - Lilly

17.04 - Smokey Carr - Spamming in Group chat about other sims and then using OOC Insults when asked to use CCS Events - Estate Ban - Lill3y

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