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Communication is a underestimated tool! Let Talk!
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Have a role-play you want to share? Post it here! The chat contained between two players via IM is private and OOC. NEVER include IM communication in your posts on this page. >> ~Process request~ >> The top of the RP needs the following data-points: Title, Players, Date and Synopsis. >> ~Example~ >> Title: Markus goes nuts >> Players: MarkusChristopher Llewellyn, Daphnie Lefevre >> Date: 12/2/10 Synopsis: Wherein Markus wakes and begins acting oddly >> XP awards are usually made a day or two after you post. >> IMPORTANT: PLEASE CLEAN ALL OOC AND MISCELLANEOUS CONTENT
Sim and Role Play discussions.
23by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
12 Dec 2010 05:35Jump!
Ask and if we don't know we will find out!
Questions and discussions regarding CCS Races Skills and Statistics and Strategies.
57by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
17 Jun 2009 03:38Jump!
Now is your chance, get it off your chest! Hit me with your best shot!
22by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
01 Jun 2009 16:41Jump!
The Players
yes about us <------- ;-)
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You can put your Role Play Background here short things of your character or a book is all good!
44by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
27 May 2009 03:16Jump!
If you wish to share about the real world OCC you can put some things here, Do not post sensitive things here!
11by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
15 Apr 2009 23:43Jump!
Post your pics if you wish see who is really the scariest monster in CCS! Mouahahahahahaha!
12by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
12 Dec 2010 05:32Jump!
Put your favorite shots here for us!
CCS Disiplinary Appeals
This is to the Appealing of a GM or Admin Sanction or Dock. Short rules is keep it clear and no flaming if you wish any real chance to be heard or a favorable action. Only the Person appealing and the Estate GMs please!
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Start your appeal here. Please include dates and name of the GM involved if you have it. Furthermore what it is you wish us to do in this appeal.
11by MarkusChristopher MarkusChristopher
16 Apr 2009 00:15Jump!

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