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{Poem the Ladies of the Labyrinthe give for me :) }

The Scotsman's Song

Well, a Scotsman clad in kilt once left a bar one evening fair,
And one could tell by how he walked that he'd drunk more than his share.
He fumbled 'round until he could no longer keep his feet.
Then he stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.

Ring ding diddle iddle i de o,
Ring die diddley i o.
He stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street..

About that time two young and lovely girls just happened by.
One said to the other with a twinkle in her eye.
See yon sleeping Scotsman so strong and handsome built.
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt.

Ring ding diddle iddle i de o,
Ring die diddley i o.
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt.

They crept up on that sleeping Scotsman quiet as could be,
Lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see.
And there behold for them to view beneath his Scottish skirt,
Was nothing more than God had graced him with upon his birth.

Ring ding diddle iddle i de o,
Ring die diddley i o.
Was nothing more than God had graced him with upon his birth.

They marveled for a moment and then one said we must be gone.
Let's leave a present for our friend before we move along.
As a gift they left a blue silk ribbon tied into a bow,
Around the bonnie star the Scot's kilt did lift and show.

Ring ding diddle iddle i de o,
Ring die diddley i o.
Around the bonnie star the Scot's kilt did lift and show.

Now the Scotsman woke to nature's call and stumbled toward the trees.
Behind the bush he lifts his kilt and gawks at what he sees.
And in a startled voice he says to what's before his eyes,
Oh! lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize.

Ring ding diddle iddle i de o,
Ring die diddley i o.
Oh! lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize.


Well here I am as today LOL! King of Texas…..

If you see a CLOUD of VAPORS

*Click on the Advanced Menu at the top of the screen. If it is not next to the Help menu, press ctrl+alt+D to make it show.
*Select Debug settings…..a small window will open. select "RenderUnloadedAvatar" from the drop down box and then set it to "True"
*This will stop you from seeing others as clouds but not stop you from being one to them. They must change their settings for that.

What can you do to help prevent lag?

General Tab
Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Input & Camera
Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Maximum Bandwidth:
Disk Cache: 200 MB

Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Graphics (( Biggest Lag Cause on the Client ))
Quality and Performance - as the bar says Low equals Faster so less lag.
Shaders: Uncheck everything.
Reflection Detail: If every thing above is unchecked then this is greyed out.
Avatar Rendering: Check Avarat Impostors. Ugly looking but reduces the strain on your client.
Draw Distance: 96m or lower.
Max. Particle Count: 512 or lower.
Post Pocess Quality: Low
Mesh Detail: All set to low. *If the Q&P slidebar is set to low, most of these will be too.*
LIghting Detail: Sun and moon only.
Terrain Detail: Low

Audio & Video
Uncheck Play Streaming Music and Play Streaming Media. Even if you aren't listening or watching a video, it is still being sent to you and uses bandwidth.

Text Chat
Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Voice Chat
They say it doesn't add to lag, so nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Nothing to set here to reduce lag.

Other things to do:
Clear you cache often. *This sometimes fixes other problems as well.*
Remove all unneeded scripted items
Body lighting. *if is too dark, it is better to use World > Enviormental Setting > Midday, then to use a scripted object for lighting. The less scripts running the less the lag.*
Sex HUDs. *if you aren't using it at the moment remove it.*
Shields. *Not premitted to wear anyway.*
Radars. *Not premitted to wear anyway*
Combat Systems. *Not premitted to wear anyway.*

Reduce your bandwidth to 500 or less—go to: edit - preferences -
This setting is super important because it effects everyone around you as well as yourself. If you ever walk by someone and lag out, its probably because their bandwidth is too high. Turn around and mention it to them or IM them, they will end up thanking you for it.
Setting your network bandwidth to 500 won't do shit unless you have a connection speed of 1 megabit or more.
Network bandwidth works on this scale.
• 128k - 256k DSL Modem = Network bandwidth set to 64 or 128
• 512k - 768k DSL Modem = Network bandwidth set to 256 - 384(512 max
with a 768kbps connection)
• 1mb - 3mb DSL/Cable Modem = Network bandwidth to 500 - 1mb
• 3mb and above = Network bandwidth to 1mb. Setting to 1.5 mb does
not markedly change your performance regardless.
The way bandwidth works is you should always allocate one half to two thirds of your available bandwidth to the client. If you're on a low speed DSL and set it to 500 you're choking out your bandwidth and overloading with packets. If you're on a high speed 3 megabit or higher connection and you set it to 500 you're throttling yourself.

((taken from CCS site written by Justify ))

Suzanna Soyinka Open House Meeting Details

The summery of this agreement is Suzanna and the Development team will be implementing a Statistics points reduction. Our Levels and earned XP will remain untouched also our Racials will remain intact. The status or hierarchy will remain unchanged in power really from a low level to a high one, however is to allow the inability to STACK a stats to the maximum to create a unkillable high level like a level 50 god. They plan on his by instead of six points per level we will be getting 4 points per level up to level 60. This way if a high level maxes out say perception or strength they will be vulnerable in will and can be attacked that way. There will be a forced global respec to implement this change. so start counting and planning your changes. To me I trust Suzanna and if she says we need this lets try it no complaints now! Is way better than a complete database reset of all back to level one for us all! here is the minutes of the meeting enjoy :)

Love and Respect Markus

((Chat of Markus for the community to understand the proposed changes))

[15:11] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn bow Markus is present for Labyrinthe de Mythos
[15:11] Suzanna Soyinka: But the #1 priority in this meeting at this time is the application of the stat change to the next version of CCS, for those of you that aren't aware of what I'm talking about, I want to give 4 points per level, versus 6 points per level. This reduces the total available stat points from 1 to 60, from 450 stat points, which allows people to max out 4 stats, to 330 total points between 1 and 60, which requires more focus.
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[15:12] Suzanna Soyinka: This is a critical balance change in my opinion
[15:12] Suzanna Soyinka: When I proposed it
[15:12] Suzanna Soyinka: I was given nothing but negative response most especially from the hispanic communities
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[15:12] Suzanna Soyinka: I wish to understand why this is such a problem
[15:13] NALINE Yoshikawa: aba
[15:13] Rain Segall is Online
[15:14] Suzanna Soyinka: Someone?
[15:14] Suzanna Soyinka: Anyone want to chime in on this?
[15:14] Grey Blankes: I got one.
[15:14] Ariel Liveoak: Apparently it isn't such a problem after all.
[15:14] Krynch Picnic: still listening :)
[15:14] Mace Braveheart: From listening to the chats I see the negiativity coming from the lower levels.
[15:14] Marina Kips: If I may, I think they (the spanish community) had not understood the whole concept of the change.
[15:15] Suzanna Soyinka: The concept of the change is to ensure level 50+ players cannot become invulnerable
[15:15] Corwyn Miles: Personally, I like the idea, it'll make it more of a challenge, and make character development more unique. Instead of everyone being relatively the same statwise.
[15:15] Shoulder: Dialog expired. If needed, touch the prim again for a new dialog.
[15:15] Krynch Picnic: im on board with it and in total agreement
[15:15] Tyrus Olbers shrugh his shoulder thinking as long is for the best of the game…
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[15:15] Mace Braveheart: People with higher levels they'll have to change a little but the change makes it that much harder for someone on the lower side still hard to combat against a higher level…
[15:15] CCS - v1.0 - METER: gratcheva Wakowski has detached their meter
[15:15] Suzanna Soyinka: Not really Mace
[15:16] Iliana Shabazz: i think they are concerning about the vunerability of the lower levels
[15:16] Krynch Picnic gasps " what no more gods? "
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Right now its impossible for someone lower level to threaten a higher level
[15:16] Selene Weatherwax: i agree with Marina.. i think they dont understand the concept.. or they probably misunderstood..
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: But
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: If a higher level has less points to distribute
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: that means there is a weakeness somewhere
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Maybe in perception
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Or willpower
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Or strength
[15:16] ABADDON Ryba: the concept his good but ppls work hard to win many point and french part don t undestand the concept
[15:16] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) the concept but his good ppls work hard to win many point and part french don t undestand the concept
[15:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Or even fortitutde and endurance
[15:16] Corwyn Miles: Damnation Chain's opinion is split 50/50, but there are a few that feel that the lower levels should go with 6 points to say level 20, then from there drop it to 4 points per level.
[15:16] Grey Blankes: I have an idea
[15:16] Marina Kips: right, that's what I'm saying, they just run to the chat to complain without thinking what the change meant
[15:16] Grey Blankes: can nip this
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[15:17] Suzanna Soyinka: shoot Grey
[15:17] Grey Blankes: a tiered stat system,for the first 16-18 levels you earn 6 points
[15:17] Grey Blankes: then step down to 4
[15:17] Suzanna Soyinka: Still allows for stat inflation
[15:17] Kensy Meili: yes it is what I also think for the small level it is a great difference… they will be weaker still on the level of the repartion of the points a sacrifice has to make moreover. from a high level the difference this fact less of feeling
[15:18] Kensy Meili: (fr->en) yes it is what I also think for the small level it is a great difference … they will be weaker still on the level of the of the points off again, a sacrifice has to make moreover. from a high level the difference this fact of feeling less
[15:18] Suzanna Soyinka: 20 levels of 6 points
[15:18] Grey Blankes: not done yet
[15:18] Loki Priestman: Personally I think that once you implement this new stat point system, there shoudl be a level reset back to 1 for all
[15:18] Kensy Meili: yes good idea
[15:18] Grey Blankes: can add an algorith,. that would check and prevent padding a stat at the scarifice of another beyond XX points
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[15:18] Grey Blankes: also can set a base modifier so that IF you pad stats its at extreme scarifice
[15:18] Mace Braveheart: what if you only get points on certain levels after level 20 say every 4 levels you get 6 points instead of every level?
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[15:19] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats just basically the same amount of fucking around we were going to have to do to add diminishing returns to endurance and fortitude
[15:19] [OND] Vampire Fangs men.: Just typing "/42menu", you can express your emotions
[15:19] Suzanna Soyinka: See
[15:19] Corwyn Miles: It will be hard to reevaluate stat distribution on a respec, people want to get through that quickly, so I can agree with what Loki said.
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[15:19] Grey Blankes: such as this, low intelligence can cause extreme backfires of castings, or buffs, or can even take away health in a first aid, anything like this would work
[15:19] Krynch Picnic: aye i like the idea grey mentioned,, IE you want to raise a stat up, it cost 2 , 3 or even 4 points after a certian base
[15:19] Suzanna Soyinka: Heres what you all aren't really taking into account
[15:19] Shirlz Honi is Online
[15:19] Suzanna Soyinka: Lets say we tier the points
[15:20] Suzanna Soyinka: And you get 6 points per level up to 20
[15:20] Suzanna Soyinka: Then 4 per level after that
[15:20] Suzanna Soyinka: That doesn't make the lower level character any more effective than the higher level character because the higher level character will have had those 6 points per level up to 20 as well
[15:20] Grey Blankes: yes you can pad a stat, i agree but even with 4 the critical stats are gonna get padded anyhow
[15:20] Suzanna Soyinka: Its no different than everyone having 4 points per level from level 1 to level 60
[15:20] Suzanna Soyinka: It just smells different
[15:20] Krynch Picnic: hmm good point suzanna
[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: So the low level concern of weakness there
[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: Is still a concern
[15:21] Grey Blankes: but a multiplier is an idea
[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: But what I'm saying is that yes, low levels will have less points
[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: So will high levels
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[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: So while you're level 20 right now a level 40 will destroy you
[15:21] Suzanna Soyinka: If we make this change
[15:21] Grey Blankes: 0-30 base, 30-45 x2 point modifier 46-65 x3
[15:21] Tyrus Olbers: so it is not meant to aid the low levels, just to give less xp?
[15:21] Grey Blankes: i.e. more points to add a stat point
[15:21] Grey Blankes: it slows the progression
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: if you're level 20, and the level 40 has sacrificed stat points in Willpower or Perception to pad Fortitude and Endurance….they have chinks in their armor
[15:22] Grey Blankes: makes it more realistic, since you wont have people absorbing 130points of damage without a scratch
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: That a level 20 could expose and use
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[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Grey
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Let me talk
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay?
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[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: I'm trying to get people to understand this
[15:22] Grey Blankes: sorry ;)
[15:22] Corwyn Miles: either way we go, high levels will be stronger than lower levels, there's no reason they shouldn't be. If a high level is weaker than a lower level, then there's something wrong with the system, no matter how it goes.
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: High levels will ALWAYS be stronger than lower levels
[15:22] Ariel Liveoak sighs
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: But this way
[15:22] You: "it softens the effects of the existing stats then for the higher levels is all"
[15:22] ABADDON Ryba: you are rigth suzana but the porblem is that high level don t understand it is good
[15:22] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) Suzana you are rigth but the porblem is that high level don t understand it is good
[15:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Theres a chance the lower level can affect the higher level
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: Right now theres no chance
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: None
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: You'd need twenty level 10's to take on one level 50
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats not right
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats fucked up
[15:23] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats broken
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[15:24] Krynch Picnic: question? !!
[15:24] Suzanna Soyinka: Yes?
[15:24] Krynch Picnic: wont the tiered methiod after level x like grey was talkign help " 0-30 base, 30-45 x2 point modifier 46-65 x3 ?
[15:25] Krynch Picnic: that slows down them down as they grow and keeps them inline with stats
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[15:25] Suzanna Soyinka: No because again its just a different math approach to the same issue
[15:25] Krynch Picnic: levels to be defiend
[15:25] Suzanna Soyinka: It does the same thing
[15:25] Iliana Shabazz: there is Nah difference, based on the experience of each character you‘ll keep your level. i will have 30 in will instead 50 and a level 50 will have 50 instead 80, that gives me the chance to fight againts them
[15:25] Suzanna Soyinka: All levels have the same amount of points regardless
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[15:26] Suzanna Soyinka: No matter how slice it up
[15:26] Orchid Arado is Online
[15:26] Suzanna Soyinka: all levels will eventually have the same amount of points
[15:26] Suzanna Soyinka: And the gap given a tiered or multiplier system gets even worse
[15:26] Suzanna Soyinka: Because low levels will experience that multiplier
[15:26] Krynch Picnic: wouldnt an adjustment to dodge and resistance be a fix? i dont care how strong you are, you can get hit with something or a spell,, its the resists and dodges that make it hard for a lower level to hit
[15:26] yepar Saenz is Online
[15:26] Suzanna Soyinka: High levels will not experience it
[15:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Because they’re already high levels
[15:27] Suzanna Soyinka: So they'll just respec their way through the multiplier
[15:27] Suzanna Soyinka: it doesn't hurt them
[15:27] Suzanna Soyinka: It slows the low levels as the low levels become high levels
[15:27] Krynch Picnic: ahh ok, this is how to fix with out a reset, i misunderstood
[15:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Perception and Willpower cannot reach more than 50% resistance regardless of how much is put into them
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[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: The largest problem current is the algorhythmic stacking of endurance and fortitude for the first 20 levels
[15:28] Ariel Liveoak: Look… Suz knows the system better than anyone. If Suz has recognized an imbalance and has developed a way to fix it, then what is the big problem here? I say, Suz, implement whatever you feel is necessary. I can't imagine why anyone would even entertain the notion that Suz would do something to CCS to make things worse for anyone.
[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: To ensure maximum HP
[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: And maximum stamina
[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: Then people max resists
[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: And…then they're unkillable almost
[15:28] Suzanna Soyinka: Definitely by any one lower level than them
[15:28] Tyrus Olbers agrees qith Ariel
[15:29] ABADDON Ryba: a moment ago i kill two level 25 alone that not good suz is rigth
[15:29] Krynch Picnic nods
[15:29] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) a moment ago i kill two level 25 alone that is not good rigth suz
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[15:29] Tyrus Olbers: as long the change just increases chances and does not turn into a sentence, I think it works
[15:30] Loki Priestman nods "I agree as well. Suz, do what you gotta do. But it would be cool to also reset everyone to 1st level again now that you have the anti-camping system in place"
[15:30] Suzanna Soyinka: no thats not good Abaddon
[15:30] Suzanna Soyinka: I have entertained the thoughts of a database reset but, I feel it would be universally rejected by the various CCS communities
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[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: I would basically need a 100% support for that decision before I'd ever do it.
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: Because people have spent YEARS building these characters
[15:31] Marina Kips: You already had a votation on the issue, how did it go?
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: To some the XP does not matter
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: I had a poll on the website
[15:31] Tyrus Olbers: well, it is obvious, to say to someone, hey you're going back to lvl 1 and start to from scratch a long with those you used to kill because were lower leves… not everyone will take it "sure lets do it"
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: There were only about 300 votes
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: 67 votes said yes reset

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[15:31] Robertto Catteneo: in my opinion this math is calculated for for a non team game,and ccs supose to be a team game…if I am not wrong….
[15:31] Suzanna Soyinka: The other 233 or so were all no
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[15:31] Faerol Etchegaray: Question Suzanna
[15:32] Suzanna Soyinka: Which math Robertto?
[15:32] Marina Kips: then I guess it wont be well accepted
[15:32] Robertto Catteneo: like levels…
[15:32] Tyrus Olbers: and takes the risk to lose players
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[15:32] Suzanna Soyinka: No the math is basically the math that was designed for a CCS system which was ONLY for CoLA at the time
[15:32] Robertto Catteneo: fi I am lev 14 and I ahve a heaker..I can defeat a lev 30 if he is alone
[15:32] Suzanna Soyinka: It was built originally for about 500 players
[15:32] Suzanna Soyinka: We never ever believed we would level 60 in the system
[15:32] Suzanna Soyinka: Level 20 was a long way off
[15:32] jackDaniels Baryl is Online
[15:33] Suzanna Soyinka: 6 points per level to level 20 makes sense
[15:33] Areton McMillan is Offline
[15:33] Suzanna Soyinka: 6 points per level to level 60 does not
[15:33] Corwyn Miles: hehe, no game system ever expects high levels
[15:33] Mace Braveheart: What if you do it tiered but differently - 6 points to level 20 then you only get points certain levels after that
[15:33] Suzanna Soyinka: So we either take away everyones levels and everyone above 20 becomes levevl 20
[15:33] Suzanna Soyinka: Or we adjust the points awarded and make the math work
[15:33] Faerol Etchegaray: Most people actually campaigning against the reform are clan leaders, sim shareholders, etc : they are politicians. These people actually use their CCS power to seat their political power ; they are terrified of losing their power. Could you cater something specifically for these ?
[15:33] logan Weder is Online
[15:34] Suzanna Soyinka: What power are they losing?
[15:34] Tyrus Olbers: it should not be a problem, being a clan leader or so, should not depend on ccs level
[15:34] Faerol Etchegaray: their people respect their hitting power
[15:34] Suzanna Soyinka: I'm not taking away their clans, their land their status in the sims they play in
[15:34] Tyrus Olbers: at the end, roleplay is what matters if you ask me, the combat part its just an add
[15:34] Suzanna Soyinka: Well hitting power is going up anyways
[15:34] Suzanna Soyinka: Strength math is being completely loosened up
[15:34] Suzanna Soyinka: To give more bang for investment there
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: Guns are being given 10 damage per shut unenhanced
[15:35] Ariel Liveoak: Crap, I'm an Owner. I'm level 12.
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: Its not like the hitting power is going to dissapear
[15:35] Ariel Liveoak shrugs
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: They're just going to become vulnerable
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: Which all CCS characters should be
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: Look at my record for example
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[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: I'm only level 38 and I created the damn thing
[15:35] Suzanna Soyinka: I have vulernerablities
[15:36] Suzanna Soyinka: Now, 20 levels from now?
[15:36] Suzanna Soyinka: No I won't
[15:36] Suzanna Soyinka: At 58 I'll unkillable
[15:36] You: of course many play this game for different reasons and have many agenda in play some say they not care for levels especially they are not a high level is risking nothing
[15:36] Kelothos Exonar is Online
[15:36] Marina Kips: so the thing is people will have to think where they want to invest their points to create their character. And no one is gonna have a 100% of invulnerability since will & percep wont go higher than 50%. fair enough for all, I¡d say
[15:36] Corwyn Miles: exactly, I'm only 31, I don't worry about xp or levels for myself, I'll gain them when I gain them. RP's far more important in my opinion.
[15:36] Fern Lunasea is Online
[15:36] Tyrus Olbers raises his hand
[15:36] Suzanna Soyinka: Yes Tyrus?
[15:37] Selene Narcissus is Online
[15:37] You decline clyde Bergamasco - Bad RP from A group member named Sephiroth Juran.
[15:37] Eden Mock is Online
[15:37] Loki Priestman: I am a 31 or 32 if I remember, and I would go for a complete reset back to 1st for all. Level the playing field, and the people here to RP just level a bit faster.
[15:37] Kelothos Exonar is Offline
[15:38] Tyrus Olbers: in my opinion, I think the idea it's good, it will work and give, eventually more entertainment to the game and the players from all levels if they are open, still, I also believe, it's a very risky move, if you spect to get 100% approval, you wont get it, I think it's a matter of action, knowing ther emight consequences, like losing players who might say "fuck it"
[15:38] Tyrus Olbers: still…
[15:38] Krynch Picnic: question ?
[15:38] Tyrus Olbers: those who remain, I suppose will be worth it
[15:38] Kensy Meili: 6 points lvl 20 i think is good after 4 points for me is good.
[15:38] Tyrus Olbers: that's all
[15:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Kensy I already addressed that
[15:38] Peopleonfire Sporg is Online
[15:39] Suzanna Soyinka: No matter how you tier it, its the same amount of points
[15:39] You: I am a big supporter of role play first but am resistant to lose my level of personal xp and the time i put into it as a player
[15:39] Demonia Arliss is Offline
[15:39] Suzanna Soyinka: And yes, database resets aren't currently on the table
[15:39] Hanna Kanami: !
[15:39] Suzanna Soyinka: I am addressing that situation with CCS II
[15:39] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn nods
[15:39] Ariel Liveoak: Even for the good of the system overall and making it better in the long run?
[15:39] guestier Balut is Offline
[15:39] Tyrus Olbers: thing is people have to realize it would be a fresh start not just for them, but for everyone
[15:39] You: I could tell you what you want to hear or what is in my heart
[15:40] Tyrus Olbers aims the heart
[15:40] Ariel Liveoak: As we all are.
[15:40] Lorelay69 Burner is Online
[15:40] Curtiss Spad is Online
[15:40] Selene Weatherwax: What power? i been playing CCS since i was rezzed in the grid, and i'm still a level 24 vampire.. who plays to have fun.. losing or gaining doesnt matter to be.. but i know lots of people dont feel the same way… so i would agree anything that would make the system better.. because i'm a game..
[15:41] Anjelina Nykvist is Online
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: Well
[15:41] You: In long run Suzanna i willl support any decision you make as the developer
[15:41] guestier Balut is Online
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: I need you all
[15:41] Hanna Kanami: no matter what changes are done, many find change, even positive changes as stressful and confusing, destabilizing. Is it possible for us to all find a way to help usher in the change? or is this beyond the scope for now?
[15:41] Houriko Rau is Online
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: To make your communities understand
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: So theres not this massive backlash where people threatening to revolt because the evil Suzanna is taking away their points
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: I mean come the fuck on
[15:41] Ariel Liveoak: mmhmm
[15:41] Suzanna Soyinka: I've been doing this longer than anyone on the grid
[15:42] Tyrus Olbers: hey I wont lie, it would suck to see my level go, I'm just lvl 23 but damn I have work hard for it, but on the other hand, I also force myself to understand the "greater good" sort of speak
[15:42] Corwyn Miles: I agree with you, Suz
[15:42] Suzanna Soyinka: I think I know what I'm doing at this point
[15:42] Krynch Picnic: what if there was more stat caps after level x.. and only something say endurance or health was allowee to go up,, and posibley only learning new abilitys after xx level.. in real life you get smarter, not healtyer or stronger. thi swould stop the stat stackign to god like abiitys, but let you grow rp wise as you learn new spells or what not, but you can still be hit and taken out by a smart lower level player. and im with the others suz, i suport you fully in what ever you feel is best and want to thank you for the open forum to heart ideas
[15:42] Ariel Liveoak: Exactly.
[15:42] Suzanna Soyinka: Stat caps especially dynamic ones, are a lot of work Krynch
[15:42] You: I can go with the stat pool idea see how the math develops
[15:42] Suzanna Soyinka: We're already up against a LAMP programming challenge as it is
[15:42] Suzanna Soyinka: Neither Melanie, nor I, are LAMP programmers
[15:42] Krynch Picnic: make mel bang away on the keyboard (grins)
[15:43] Suzanna Soyinka: We attempted to bring in a couple people who claimed to be, they dissapeared off the face of the earth
[15:43] Demonia Arliss is Online
[15:43] Ariel Liveoak can relate to that
[15:43] Tyrus Olbers: I say, lets give it a shot, for good or bad, you can always try again to get better, liek Suz has been doing since first CCS method was made
[15:43] Ariel Liveoak: Agreed.
[15:44] You: If it not work we can do another way of course is a work in progress
[15:44] Corwyn Miles: for clarification, Suz, are you talking about apache/mysql/php?
[15:44] Suzanna Soyinka: So does everyone agree that I should go forward with the point revision for 1.0.1
[15:44] Suzanna Soyinka: Yes Corwyn
[15:44] Loki Priestman: Suz, you have the support of all of Crossroads.
[15:44] Corwyn Miles: thanks
[15:44] Curtiss Spad is Offline
[15:44] Suzanna Soyinka: Linux/Apache/msql/php
[15:44] Tyrus Olbers sighs and nods in agreement
[15:44] Xiena Iwish is Online
[15:44] You: yes if is not upsetting the balance of xp or levels earned now i am for it
[15:44] Ariel Liveoak: New Delphi votes full support to Suz and the changes.
[15:45] Mace Braveheart: So what your saying is 4 points each level for 1.0.1?
[15:45] You: Labyrinthe de Mythos
[15:45] Suzanna Soyinka: Correct
[15:45] Suzanna Soyinka: Versus 6
[15:45] Marina Kips: 6 points up to level 20, and the 4 points. Agree.
[15:45] Marina Kips: *then
[15:45] Suzanna Soyinka: Not doing that Marina
[15:45] Suzanna Soyinka: Its 4 or nothing
[15:45] Marina Kips: ok
[15:46] Suzanna Soyinka: Back last year we adjusted the XP curve
[15:46] Suzanna Soyinka: everyone had the same arguments
[15:46] Corwyn Miles: then Suz, go for it…hell, it's your game, and personally, I think it'll be a good idea.
[15:46] Marina Kips: same thing. it's really an issue I really dont see as a harm.
[15:46] Suzanna Soyinka: Low levels will be weaker
[15:46] Mace Braveheart: let me try this… 6 points up to level 20 then every 4 levels you get 6 more points to distribute. wouldn't this counter everything that we are having troubles with?
[15:46] Suzanna Soyinka: It didn't happen
[15:46] You: yes as i see it is not really upseting the balance that much in the overall player base
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: Mace that requires an overhaul of how the system distributes points entirely and would be less well responded to than just a blanket 4 points per level[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: Because then
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: You have levels
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: Where people get no new abilities
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: And they get no new stat points either
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: CCS rewards on both ends
[15:47] BadBoy Scorbal is Offline
[15:47] Krynch Picnic: just stop any stat extras once they reach 20,, they only get abilitys.. this way a level 20 can kill a level 50[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: Which is part of the dynamic
[15:47] Marina Kips: and racial points would be every 10 levels?
[15:47] Krynch Picnic: or two level 10's kill a 45
[15:47] Suzanna Soyinka: Racials I'm not going to touch
[15:48] Marina Kips: ok.
[15:48] P4NDOR4 Quintessa is Offline
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: I've decided that because of the proliferation of point stealing weaponry
[15:48] Ariel Liveoak mutters
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: A hard cap on racials, at this time, would require me to do a massive 3rd party API crackdown
[15:48] Roark Rejkus is Offline
[15:48] Marina Kips nods
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: And what everyone needs to understand is I am trying to be DONE with CCS
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: Meaning
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: Its fixed
[15:48] Suzanna Soyinka: Everything works
[15:49] Iliana Shabazz: can be possible to start with 20 points instead 15 in the stats at level 1
[15:49] Suzanna Soyinka: And everyones happy
[15:49] Loki Priestman chuckles "actually, I would love to see most if not all enhanced weapons gone. Just regular weapons from this point on"
[15:49] Suzanna Soyinka: So I can move on to CCS II
[15:49] Tyrus Olbers: I believe the desition has been made already, all what's left is doing it and afterwards take the good and modify the bad, as we always do
[15:49] Iliana Shabazz: raising the stats of the beginners
[15:49] Tyrus Olbers agrees qith Loki
[15:49] You: this will of course require a Gloal respec again forced
[15:49] Suzanna Soyinka: Iliana the high levels will have that too
[15:49] You: blobal*
[15:49] Krynch Picnic is happy
[15:49] Suzanna Soyinka: yes there will be a global forced respec in regards to it
[15:50] Fulanito Arbizu is Online
[15:50] Corwyn Miles: Suz, unfortunately, no matter what you do, not everyone's gonna be happy. The way I see it, you need to find a system that you feel works, do it, and see where it goes, those that aren't happy will never be happy, no matter what you do.
[15:50] You: ((no forced spelling class))
[15:50] Peopleonfire Sporg is Offline
[15:50] Iliana Shabazz: yup but lower levels will be less vurnerable
[15:50] Ariel Liveoak agrees with Corwyn
[15:50] Hanna Kanami: everyone should have a vulnerability
[15:50] Suzanna Soyinka: No they'll be just as vulnerable
[15:50] You decline CLyde Bergamasco from A group member named Iriam Shostakovich.
[15:50] Suzanna Soyinka: the idea here is to make the HIGH levels have MORE vulnerability
[15:50] Selene Weatherwax nods agreeing with Cor
[15:50] Suzanna Soyinka: So the gap in competition isn't so great
[15:50] Curtiss Spad is Online
[15:51] Loki Priestman: Mine is lobster, I just can't pass it up
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: I want level 20s and level 40s to be able to fight each other
[15:51] Ariel Liveoak laughs
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Course the level 40 will have the advantage
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: But with this change
[15:51] Iliana Shabazz: oki
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: They have weaknesses
[15:51] Jas1979 Irata is Online
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Then its just down to smart, tactical play
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: The level 20 COULD win
[15:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Just by understanding the weakenesses of the opponent
[15:52] Corwyn Miles: and the lower level has a chance, I like that idea. it'll be difficult for them, but at least they have a fighting chance.
[15:52] Tyrus Olbers: I think all that has been understood, and I think the desition is now up to you, Suz, cus I think all here have shared the ideas and opinion about it
[15:52] Suzanna Soyinka: Well if i have your agreement that you will promote this change amongst your communities
[15:52] Shirlz Honi is Offline
[15:52] Tyrus Olbers nods
[15:52] Selene Weatherwax: if that can happen.. i'll be very happy and i know lots of people that will be as well
[15:52] ABADDON Ryba: suz love that but the problem is that ppls think of their ass and work on to have big level i think it take that pps understand that is good
[15:52] Suzanna Soyinka: Then I will go ahead and put it on the 1.0.1 dev doc and it will go in.
[15:52] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) suz love that but the problem is that ppls think of their ass and work on to have big level i think it take pps understand that that is good
[15:53] Loki Priestman nods "All the staff in our sim is already promoting it"
[15:53] Faerol Etchegaray: To maintain weaknesses, did you look into creating more than six categories ?
[15:53] Krynch Picnic: all in favor say AYE please
[15:53] Krynch Picnic: AYE !
[15:53] Ariel Liveoak: I'll put it this way… I run a Roleplaying community. If there are people there that are only interested in pwning people, then I don't want them there anyway.
[15:53] You: yes i will attempt to make my community understand your reasoning and that the actual levels are not threatened
[15:53] Tyrus Olbers: I can't promise I will survive agaisnt the wild hord, but I will try to be a good preacher even while my pixelated ass gets ripped appart
[15:53] Corwyn Miles: it makes us have to think more when we distribute our points, consider our play style, change it as needed, to accomidate a potential weakness in development.
[15:53] Hanna Kanami: eye
[15:53] Ariel Liveoak: Aye
[15:53] Suzanna Soyinka: The addition of new stats are something I'm actually reserving for CCS II development
[15:53] Krynch Picnic: oposed ?
[15:54] Suzanna Soyinka: Plus there are very few game systems in existance where characters have more than 6 stats as it is.
[15:54] jackDaniels Baryl is Online
[15:54] You: yes for the record you may oppose
[15:54] Corwyn Miles is opposed to being opposed ;)
[15:54] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay looks like everyone is behind this
[15:54] Ariel Liveoak nods
[15:54] Corwyn Miles: yes, Suz
[15:55] You: i will support you as i always do
[15:55] Suzanna Soyinka: I will appreciate your help with getting your communities to understand the positive need for it for CCS's fun and playability.
[15:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Now we'll move on
[15:55] Thomas Oconnell is Online
[15:55] Mace Braveheart: I'll support :)
[15:55] Loki Priestman: Yes Suz. And can't wait to see the exiciting stuff in CCS II
[15:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Does anyone have any issues they wish to bring to the table?
[15:55] Selene Narcissus is Offline
[15:55] Faerol Etchegaray: I say yes - but I still believe you should give some token to the political players
[15:55] ABADDON Ryba: oki i will work on suz
[15:55] Suzanna Soyinka: I'd like to give the political players a gigantic kick in the ass
[15:55] Corwyn Miles raises his hand
[15:55] Iliana Shabazz: well you know the system better than us, so if you think this is gonna be good for all. go on
[15:55] Ariel Liveoak: Give 'em a fracking badge or something.
[15:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Would that be a nice token?
[15:56] Tyrus Olbers wonders if the lack of snacks could be an issue, lol
[15:56] Faerol Etchegaray: You will hold them better
[15:56] Grey Blankes is still wondering where the free food is
[15:56] Suzanna Soyinka: Special titles
[15:56] Suzanna Soyinka: I'll put something in along that line
[15:56] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn listens
[15:56] Mania Amat is Online
[15:57] Corwyn Miles: Suz, can you find a different way for Nekos to regain racial points. I doesn't make RP sense for a Neko to have to be beat up to regain their racial points back.
[15:57] Suzanna Soyinka: Alright, any issues, sim to sim, CCS related, anything someone wants to bring up here? IM me to indicate you have a question then I'll call your name in the order they're recieved, and you ask the question in open chat so everyone can hear it
[15:57] Illyra Wycliffe is Online
[15:57] Suzanna Soyinka: Actually it does Corwyn, tomcats actually get more fierce the more damage they take in a fight.
[15:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Watch a cat fight
[15:58] Suzanna Soyinka: And tell me I'm wrong.
[15:58] Nana Namanari is Online
[15:58] Loki Priestman: Suz, is there anything that can be done about scheduling conflicts? Like CR holds fightclub every saturday.
[15:58] Corwyn Miles: hmmm
[15:58] Maskull Lorefield is Online
[15:58] Loki Priestman: Oh, oops, sorry to jump out there
[15:58] Mania Amat is Offline
[15:58] Evil Titler v2: Krynch Picnic needs a new title! To set it, anyone may say the text on /13. Krynch is not able to change it.
[15:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Scheduling conflicts in regards to events are a bit of a poser
[15:59] Patsy Pye is Offline
[15:59] Clairvoyance Destiny is Offline
[15:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Cause…well I've provided the structure for you all to market your communities to the entire network, something no other system does.
[15:59] Evil Titler v2: No-one gave Krynch Picnic a new title! Krynch will stay with the existing one for a while more.
[15:59] Loki Priestman: That is more a sim thing than anything then.
[16:00] Sho Flanagan is Online
[16:00] Suzanna Soyinka: But….when events conflict, theres not much I can do about that personally, its something you all could, potentially, discuss with the other sims you get conflicts with , and see if you can work around each other.
[16:00] Nano Bourne is Offline
[16:00] Loki Priestman nods "We will, thank you"
[16:00] Suzanna Soyinka: I mean I could spend a week designing an events calendar system on the CCS website
[16:00] Suzanna Soyinka: Then none of you would use it
[16:00] Suzanna Soyinka: Or only a few of you would and everyone else wouldn't
[16:00] Suzanna Soyinka: And it would be a waste of my time
[16:00] Tyrus Olbers nods
[16:00] Corwyn Miles: that's true
[16:01] Suzanna Soyinka: Marina your question please
[16:01] Selene Narcissus is Online
[16:01] Corwyn Miles: it should be up to each sim's event's coordinates to work out scheduling conflicts with each other
[16:01] Orchid Arado is Offline
[16:01] Corwyn Miles: or deal with it
[16:01] Rain Segall is Offline
[16:01] Corwyn Miles: *coordinators
[16:02] Serafina Ezvalt is Offline
[16:02] Marina Kips: Ok, I have collecting opinios questions and complaints during these days. Spanish players are concern about some advantages they notice among races and clases. For example DPS and its "cripple" are making healers almost obsolete.
[16:02] Marina Kips: *been collecting
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: uh
[16:03] Thomas Oconnell is Offline
[16:03] Alej0 Rodenberger is Offline
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Cripple
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: 2m range
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Radshot
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: 20m range
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Healers have Flashbomb or Repel
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Flashbomb/Repel run 20m away
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Whats the problem?
[16:03] toxic Ling is Online
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Its a tactical problem
[16:03] Hanna Kanami: my DPS can never figure out how to revive me…
[16:03] Suzanna Soyinka: Its not a problem with the abilities
[16:04] Robertto Catteneo: exacat Suzanna,thats the point….too many skills and overpower and not anymore melee…
[16:04] Suzanna Soyinka: DPS are SUPPOSED to be really ridiculously threatening if they're right in front of you.
[16:04] Marina Kips: Humans are complaining about the way they generate their racial points and everyone else is complaining about humans having buff an Armor
[16:04] Robertto Catteneo: Immolate III take it from me 500-600 hp
[16:04] Marina Kips: Robertto, that was my next point
[16:04] You: yes i agree if they are not it is not working at all
[16:04] Marina Kips smiles
[16:04] Suzanna Soyinka: Healers shouldn't be trying to go toe to toe with DPS classes, DPS classes are built to destroy casters and healers within 2 - 5m of range.
[16:04] Robertto Catteneo: sry Marina
[16:04] Ariel Liveoak: That's why they're DPS.
[16:04] Marina Kips: noo
[16:04] Curtiss Spad is Offline
[16:04] Marina Kips: I'm happy you brought it up
[16:05] Suzanna Soyinka: Well the humans in CoLA are actually not complaining about Defiance regeneration on damage
[16:05] Iliana Shabazz: i understand the tactical problem, i‘m a dps and i cannot cripple a caster, but my skills are overpowered, maybe a lower level has a chance to kill me if i dont use my rupture
[16:05] Suzanna Soyinka: Largely damage point regeneration, the main problem is the 15% total HP requirement on it
[16:05] Alej0 Rodenberger is Online
[16:05] Suzanna Soyinka: I’m going to lower that a bit for 1.0.1
[16:06] Suzanna Soyinka: to 7.5%
[16:06] You: *nods*
[16:06] Tyrus Olbers: I am human caster lvl 23 and I can stand and even win a fight agaisnt a higher level
[16:06] Suzanna Soyinka: That should take the edge off it a bit
[16:06] Suzanna Soyinka: Iliana your skills aren't overpowered
[16:06] Marina Kips: Healers feel useless, that's the truth (as in what's the feeling around no matter if it's tru or not) I mean I got more than 20 Ims regarding this issue.
[16:06] Suzanna Soyinka: They're perfectly powered if someones stupid enough to stand right in front of you
[16:06] Archael Moo is Offline
[16:07] Suzanna Soyinka: Why do healers feel useless?
[16:07] Hanna Kanami: The healers strongest ability is to revive people. No one else can.
[16:07] Suzanna Soyinka: A level 55 healer right now can throw a 1600hp heal
[16:07] Suzanna Soyinka: Not just on others
[16:07] Suzanna Soyinka: But on themselves
[16:07] Archael Moo is Online
[16:07] Suzanna Soyinka: I don't get how healers are useless
[16:07] Lorelay69 Burner is Offline
[16:07] Mace Braveheart: but thats a level 55 healer… the majority of CCS is not anywhere close to that level
[16:08] Suzanna Soyinka: Correct but even a level 1 healer
[16:08] Suzanna Soyinka: Is healing MORE HP than any other class
[16:08] You: i used to be killed regularly by healers and the curse as a DPS but with a healer supporting me i am a hard thing to face IC
[16:08] Buffy Sutherland is Offline
[16:08] Tyrus Olbers: well, the healers I have spoke with…tell me how they felt they were stronger somehow before the last changes… can't say why but is what they say
[16:08] Iliana Shabazz: cause dps generates stamina
[16:08] Robertto Catteneo: well Suzanna,I was participating in a friendly fight like 40 ppls,and we was ussing only offence to get racial and heal…it was a great fight and lev 11-15 have the chance to fight and run away using regen or heal or just take a brak waitting for a healer to helpm him.
[16:08] JCNY: gratcheva, Will you Marry Me? Love, JD
[16:08] Suzanna Soyinka: And heals exactly the same amount for themselves as they do for others
[16:08] Krynch Picnic: healers cant tank in this new version, before healers could tank and they shouldnt have.. thats the issue.
[16:08] Marina Kips: Right, exactly. They feel that's the only thing they could do around: revive people. I guess that's because now the skills are stronger and a DPS that's engaged in a melee fight wont need a healer to restore his stam…
[16:08] Krynch Picnic: and they shouldnt tank.
[16:08] Suzanna Soyinka: Well I think Cripples stamina numbers need a little adjustment
[16:08] Suzanna Soyinka: I agree there
[16:09] Emerald Melbourne is Online
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: DPS are regaining TOO much stamina from it
[16:09] Selene Weatherwax: me too
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: But
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: Healers
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: On the other hand
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: The only thing I think they really need
[16:09] ABADDON Ryba: marina less stam less skill to send
[16:09] You: I miss doing small heals on others in combat as is did with heal one or genheal 2
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: Is for me to move their self heals into support
[16:09] Rain Segall is Online
[16:09] Hanna Kanami: and healers need to stop standing in front of dps's trying to beat the dps with a sword
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: So they can heal others and heal themselves and not have cooldowns conflicting with each other
[16:09] Suzanna Soyinka: But then theres that too
[16:10] Suzanna Soyinka: A lot of the "healers are useless" argument comes from people arena fighting 1 vs 1
[16:10] Anaelle Barbosa is Online
[16:10] Faerol Etchegaray: Aye to lowering the Cripple stamina gain : it makes them less dependant on their Healer
[16:10] Tyrus Olbers: I think it's matter of people wanting to do evertyhing… I mean if you are a healer, thn face you are not a melee fighter per excellence as a dps
[16:10] Suzanna Soyinka: And in a 1 vs 1 arena fight a healer would be very challenged yes
[16:10] Suzanna Soyinka: But to counter
[16:10] Suzanna Soyinka: A healer in a 1 vs 1 fight
[16:10] Selene Weatherwax: mmm.. well most people mentality is that.. healers can fight too..
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: That kept their distance
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: used their knockdowns appropriately
[16:11] Athena69 Dagger is Offline
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: radshot as much as they could and used a GUN
[16:11] ginamo Luminos is Online
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: Over a melee weapon
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: Would be very effective
[16:11] ABADDON Ryba: we see again team healer in ccs if healer become figth race
[16:11] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) we see again in ccs healer team if become healer figth race
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: because they could out heal the damage they were taken
[16:11] Kensy Meili: I find that the DPS one already much need for the healer
[16:11] Suzanna Soyinka: And yes in the team based aspect
[16:12] Kensy Meili: yes
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: DPS classes have no damage mitigation at all
[16:12] Kensy Meili: equipe
[16:12] Kensy Meili: (fr->en) Team
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: Except the human paramedic
[16:12] Maskull Lorefield is Offline
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: Assassin even
[16:12] Iliana Shabazz: healers should have the same offensive range of the keep them far from dps
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: So DPS classes rely on healers heavily
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: uhhh I dunno about that
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: I may allow 25m
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: On Radshot
[16:12] Suzanna Soyinka: But not 30m
[16:12] Kensy Meili: wooo
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: 25m will give you 5m on charge
[16:13] Kensy Meili: well
[16:13] Corwyn Miles: I definately like the caster class…that's fantastic, Suz
[16:13] Iliana Shabazz: i take it :P
[16:13] Kensy Meili: :)
[16:13] Tyrus Olbers: I am caster now
[16:13] Tyrus Olbers: I used to be dps
[16:13] Tyrus Olbers: and I am happy
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: hrrm
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: What if I gave healers
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: A OH SHIT button
[16:13] Hanna Kanami: hahaha
[16:13] Selene Weatherwax: hehe
[16:13] Ariel Liveoak: heh
[16:13] Corwyn Miles: rofl
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: Which is basically invulnerability
[16:13] Tyrus Olbers votes for that
[16:13] Suzanna Soyinka: For 10 seconds
[16:13] Hanna Kanami: the 'easy' button
[16:14] Corwyn Miles: what, they unload then faint?
[16:14] Suzanna Soyinka: Should things go bad and they end up the target of a lot of people
[16:14] Marina Kips: Well, to tell ya the truth I'm also a caster now, but I still act as a healer in a group battle… hitting Hex from far away and getting close to unbane my friends…
[16:14] Corwyn Miles laughs hysterically
[16:14] Daath Lane is Offline
[16:14] Iliana Shabazz: i used to be a healer more than a year and for the first time i felt useless
[16:14] Iliana Shabazz: i was using my stamina just to keep alive
[16:14] Eden Mock is Offline
[16:14] Corwyn Miles: Suz, I know that feeling well, it used to happen to me all the time
[16:14] Kira Kurosawa is Online
[16:14] Tyrus Olbers: I tried to switch to Delivery guy, but the Celerity skill was not enough
[16:14] Hanna Kanami: well, I'm not opposed to that - but it doesn't address what too manyhealers do - and that is they try to be melee masters. I was a healer for about 30some levels, training other healers… and they always went into melee in combat and died in front of the dps's
[16:15] Suzanna Soyinka: Well thats what healers used to be able to do
[16:15] Suzanna Soyinka: And that wasn't right
[16:15] Suzanna Soyinka: Healers used to be able to heal tank anything
[16:15] Karoline Merlin is Offline
[16:15] Curtiss Spad is Online
[16:15] Suzanna Soyinka: THey were better than tanks at tanking
[16:15] Hanna Kanami: true
[16:15] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats not right
[16:15] Corwyn Miles: they shouldn't be
[16:16] Corwyn Miles: a healer should be staying clear of the fight, unfortunately due to SL mechanics, it doesn't really work that way
[16:16] Tyrus Olbers: I believe, the system is getting better and better, just by this simple opinions and the fact of realizing how things should be from now on
[16:16] Suzanna Soyinka: Loki go ahead with your question?
[16:16] Loki Priestman: How are you handling the camping sims? actually that isn't a good word for it, but sims where people seem to go just to stand and absorb XP
[16:16] JCNY: gratcheva, Will you Marry Me? Love, JD
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: Well the first consideration I always have to make there is
[16:17] Kira Kurosawa is Offline
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: 1) Does the situation warrant me personally invading another sim owners domain
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: And telling them how to run their sims
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: In some cases it does
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: And I do
[16:17] Sho Flanagan is Offline
[16:17] Suzanna Soyinka: We just recently terminated two GMs, one of them a sim owner, in Pavia in regards to this
[16:18] Loki Priestman nods
[16:18] Rain Segall is Offline
[16:18] Suzanna Soyinka: Are there sims you specifically believe are camping sims?
[16:18] Cara Graves is Online
[16:18] Curtiss Spad is Offline
[16:18] Kensy Meili: ikari
[16:18] ABADDON Ryba: yea ikari
[16:18] Loki Priestman: Oh, that I don't have the info on, I was just asked to ask you about it.
[16:18] Kensy Meili: littlelvl
[16:19] Suzanna Soyinka: Ikari is a camping sim?
[16:19] NALINE Yoshikawa: ?
[16:19] Suzanna Soyinka: I haven't really had that brought to my attention as yet
[16:19] Kensy Meili: little lvl
[16:19] Kensy Meili: yes susanna
[16:19] Marina Kips: A CCS Sim should adjust to some CCS ruling concerning the game. "No camping" is one of them, but I think there should be more. And it's not about telling SIM owners how to run the SIM but how to handle the game.
[16:19] Corwyn Miles raises hand (different subject)
[16:20] Mace Braveheart: *raises his hand* (seconded)
[16:20] Iliana Shabazz: there are Nah camping sims is the staff responsibility if it happens
[16:21] Loki Priestman: The problem Iliana seems to be if the staff of those sims are in on the camping
[16:21] Suzanna Soyinka: I would have to agree with Iliana there
[16:21] Suzanna Soyinka: It is my belief that what occurs in sims I do not own is the responsibility of those that do own them.
[16:21] Faerol Etchegaray: When Middle Village was gone, campers immediately invaded it - no more GMs
[16:21] Marina Kips: Well, I have seen xp docks for camping in GM's sheets…
[16:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Thats largely because people
[16:22] Suzanna Soyinka: When choosing GMs for their sims
[16:22] Suzanna Soyinka: Don't review their records
[16:22] Suzanna Soyinka: And go…oh you're a camper, I shouldn't let you be a GM
[16:22] Loki Priestman nods "I can see that happening yes"
[16:22] Suzanna Soyinka: We do have a GM blacklist, but I try to keep as many people off it as I can
[16:22] Marina Kips: Well also SIM Owners have dock on their Sheets for camping.
[16:23] Corwyn Miles: Sim owner's/admins need to be much more wary when giving out gm status
[16:23] ABADDON Ryba: ho i whant ur gm black as possible
[16:23] JohnnyThunder DeCuir is Offline
[16:23] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) ho i want ur gm black as possible
[16:23] NALINE Yoshikawa: I Know a GM who has been docked for camping 5 times and still a GM
[16:23] ABADDON Ryba: yes naline
[16:23] ABADDON Ryba: is rigth
[16:23] Ariel Liveoak: yikes
[16:23] Kensy Meili: me too
[16:23] NALINE Yoshikawa: I know some
[16:23] ABADDON Ryba: many make shit and become gm again :)
[16:23] NALINE Yoshikawa: And i dont think it right
[16:23] NALINE Yoshikawa: Its*
[16:24] Corwyn Miles: it's not right, Naline, but unless it's reported, chances are it's not looked into either
[16:24] Marina Kips: But again, I think that there should be some ruling not only about camping but regarding some other issues, right from CCS Staff, namely Suzanna.
[16:24] NALINE Yoshikawa: Well i think people are perfectly aware of that Corwyn
[16:24] Nano Bourne is Online
[16:24] Robertto Catteneo: Global meter ,Global rules…I vote for this
[16:25] NALINE Yoshikawa: Well everyone who can check the database at least
[16:25] Marina Kips: And yes, some GMs owners have removed the GM status of some of their GMs for Camping. But still they are GMs.
[16:25] Suzanna Soyinka: Robertto I appreciate the sentiment
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: But I do not want to be the Empress of the CCS Empire
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay?
[16:26] Marina Kips: Again, I think that having some global rules for everyone is not telling SIM owners how to run their SIMS.
[16:26] dunna84 Yifu is Offline
[16:26] Robertto Catteneo: but you are already
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: This is what I call a loose confederation of estates
[16:26] Tyrus Olbers: why not! bring the pain and take out the cages! lol
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: No I am simply the owner if the system
[16:26] Marina Kips: But it's about all of us playing the same CCS game.
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: If I was to enact a global edict of rules
[16:26] Ariel Liveoak: We're Switzerland :)
[16:26] Tyrus Olbers: lol
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: That applied to everyones sims
[16:26] Illyra Wycliffe is Offline
[16:26] Tyrus Olbers: indeed
[16:26] ABADDON Ryba: marina the porblem righ now that this is few who decide the rules for the other
[16:26] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) the marina porblem righ now that this is few who decide the rules for the other
[16:26] NALINE Yoshikawa: I agree on this really
[16:26] Suzanna Soyinka: I would be usurping the land owners right to intepret CCS in their own way
[16:26] NALINE Yoshikawa: All the same rules
[16:27] Hanna Kanami: but we aren't all playing the 'same' game in a sense. I play one rp in post apoc sims and an entirely different rp in futuristic sims, etc
[16:27] Corwyn Miles: Being a GM should not be treated as a reward given or a status symbol, unfortunately in some places it is. Being a GM is a responsibility, GM's should be examples to the community of how to do things correctly and within the rules. It's up to the Sim owners and Admins to enforce that attitude with those under them.
[16:27] Suzanna Soyinka: It is not a responsibility I wish to take on.
[16:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Because then every single dispute
[16:27] Suzanna Soyinka: in every single one of your sims
[16:27] Faerol Etchegaray: I support Roberto : CCS is getting more and more complicated, people are using many more sims than before, and there is *no way * you can master all the different rules
[16:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Becomes my problem
[16:27] obscuria Sinister: hello everyone and rezzing
[16:27] NALINE Yoshikawa: I agree with you Corwyn.
[16:27] Marina Kips: then CCS is a free game to be interpreted as one wishes?
[16:27] NALINE Yoshikawa: Hello again Obs
[16:27] Kensy Meili: slt obs
[16:27] Suzanna Soyinka: Within the terms of access agreement Marina…yes
[16:28] Zoey Bosatsu: please excuse me have to run nice meeting you all
[16:28] Marina Kips: So we would be playing a different game as we go SIm from Som
[16:28] Ariel Liveoak: Yes.
[16:28] Marina Kips: Hi Obs
[16:28] NALINE Yoshikawa: Bye Zoey
[16:28] Hanna Kanami: I think that the sim owners who create a certain RP for their sims/sim networks need to take on the responsiblity for teaching their player base the rules of their sim and general rules of CCS. They should also inform their players to READ the rules of other sims that they visit.
[16:28] Tyrus Olbers: well it is a simple fact, you buy a game to place on a spot you own and you add to it your own personal rules aswell, just like any other matter
[16:28] Zoey Bosatsu: bye all
[16:29] You: bye sister zoey
[16:29] Selene Weatherwax: byee Zoey
[16:29] Archael Moo is Offline
[16:29] Speed Delight is Offline
[16:29] Kensy Meili: bye zoey
[16:29] Marina Kips: Hanna, we all agree with that, and also we agree with what a GM should be. But still, some ruling is necessary.
[16:29] Tyrus Olbers: well, I try to ecnourage and do that all the time, yet I fear some others don't… I was first a mentor, I just not teach about the rules, I also help people who has not roleplayed before
[16:29] Valeriane Renard is Offline
[16:29] Marina Kips: RP limits, Suzanna…
[16:29] ABADDON Ryba: buy zoe
[16:29] Iliana Shabazz: i got detached my meter yesterday cause the sim has a drees code.. medieval and my weapon was (the one i have here)..bye the way.. the gm was wearing tennis shoes
[16:29] Marina Kips: you were about to come out with a global rule
[16:29] Corwyn Miles: Hanna, you can inform the players to read the rules til you're blue in the face…if they don't want to read, they won't. We have no way of confirming it until they break the rules and claim they didn't know. Rules should be treated like the law, ignornace is no excuse.
[16:30] Evil Titler v2: Krynch Picnic needs a new title! To set it, anyone may say the text on /13. Krynch is not able to change it.
[16:30] NALINE Yoshikawa: LMAO Liana
[16:30] CCS - v1.0 - METER: obscuria Sinister has detached their meter
[16:30] Iliana Shabazz: so i think we need to work on global rules
[16:30] Suzanna Soyinka: There are global rules
[16:30] Suzanna Soyinka: Don't camp
[16:30] Faerol Etchegaray: Yes, Global please !
[16:30] Suzanna Soyinka: Don't exploit
[16:30] NALINE Yoshikawa: I think its really a good idea
[16:30] Suzanna Soyinka: Don't sell levels or experience
[16:30] Marina Kips: lol, yes!! I was told the same in a Medieval SIM, I was wearing gothic and the GM was wearing tennis.
[16:30] Suzanna Soyinka: Those are the global rules
[16:31] Evil Titler v2: No-one gave Krynch Picnic a new title! Krynch will stay with the existing one for a while more.
[16:31] Marina Kips: Nonetheless, Suzanna, everytime you state something about the game we take it as a rule
[16:31] Iliana Shabazz: yup, i did not argue with that gm.. can you imagine a warning on my db cause wearing tennis shoes.. can‘t ciborgs go there?
[16:31] ABADDON Ryba: you imagine make rules same in all sim how manage it how many global gm
[16:31] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) make you think rules same in all sim how manage it how many global gm
[16:31] Suzanna Soyinka: Spekaing of global rules
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: Iliana
[16:32] You: is simple if you not like the rules or sims theme dont go
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: Your issue with Lancelot Langer does not require a CCS ban
[16:32] Krynch Picnic: rp limits do tend to be out of hand,, thinks like, no shooting, no violence… it invalidates the rp limits in my book
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: A Frontera ban is sufficient
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: This is something that I really need you all to understand
[16:32] Hanna Kanami: agreed Krynch
[16:32] Iliana Shabazz: is not an issue wih me))
[16:32] Tyrus Olbers hates that
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: CCS bans deny the entire network to everyone
[16:32] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn nods
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: that is CCS banned
[16:32] Robertto Catteneo: Suzanna,I am talking about sims what force me to respect RP Limits for a player,and the player have at least ten rules….if I do not respect this I get banned and maybe reported for harasmen.Now I ask you,what for we have FTB?
[16:32] Suzanna Soyinka: They are the last line of defense against problem children that cannot be dealt with
[16:33] Kensy Meili: true robertto
[16:33] Suzanna Soyinka: The RP limits are out of control in many sims
[16:33] Kensy Meili: it is impossible of RP aujourd’ ui all is prohibited when I look at profile it some.
[16:33] Suzanna Soyinka: BUT
[16:33] Kensy Meili: (fr->en) it is impossible of RP aujourd 'ui all is prohibited when I look at it some profile.
[16:33] Corwyn Miles: Robertto, that sounds more like a Sim issue, not a CCS issue
[16:33] Suzanna Soyinka: Hey in CoLA
[16:33] Tyrus Olbers: I think RP limits…should have…limits…? lol
[16:33] You: I we feel one is needed we inform the Global GM for review within 24 hours but really within minuates if we can they are rare and should be rare
[16:33] Suzanna Soyinka: People getting defeated and raped….daily course of affairs
[16:33] Selene Weatherwax: hahaha
[16:33] Phoebe Duarte is Offline
[16:34] Suzanna Soyinka: Somewhere else…people might not like that kind of thing
[16:34] Suzanna Soyinka: For me to….say you can only have so many limits is, hypocrisy
[16:34] guestier Balut is Offline
[16:34] Marina Kips: So what is wrong if we unify some rules… Tp access to skies, NO OOC Zones for skies, no innecesary rp limits like cutting one's hair, or some other ridiculous limits….
[16:34] Suzanna Soyinka: I mean even I have a limit, its pedophilia, you put it anywhere near me and I will boot you off the grid.
[16:34] You: if is stupid limit that goes against ccs not valid anyway
[16:34] Selene Weatherwax: i'm still trying to figure where this limits come from..
[16:34] Tyrus Olbers: it is a delicate matter…I think is something that must not have a rule, just a suggestion…
[16:34] guestier Balut is Online
[16:35] Abbie Shelford is Offline
[16:35] Corwyn Miles: perhaps Suz, but we're all supposed to be adults, and this is dark RP…it's up to the players to work out any issues like that, if someone doesn't want to RP a scene, it should be up to them to discuss it with the other player. RP limits shouldn't be an excuse to walk away from RP.
[16:35] Ariel Liveoak: I suggest that if someone has too many ridiculous limits, then just don't play with them.
[16:35] Hanna Kanami: cutting hair rp limit originated in gorean sims, where the males didn't want their hair cut cuz it makes them look like the subby slave that they are ^^
[16:35] Andromeda Recreant is Online
[16:35] Loki Priestman: Actually isn't taht a LL TOS violation Suz?
[16:35] P4NDOR4 Quintessa is Online
[16:35] Robertto Catteneo: I am not going so far…but "no leaving sim","no torture","no humilation","no capture"….what rp I can do with this person after he is defeat?juat leave him there and go in my way….
[16:35] obscuria Sinister: suz s it possible have a global rule about rp limits, like for exemple 2 rp limits allowed on each players, i mean we are in a dark roleplaying and some players simply accept nothing during a rp
[16:35] obscuria Sinister: (fr->en) suz s it possible have a global rule about rp limits, like for example 2 rp limits allowed on each players, i mean we are in a dark roleplaying and some players simply accept nothing during a rp
[16:36] Kensy Meili: no more
[16:36] Krynch Picnic: and RP limit should not go agaisnt the base that CCS is,, no sex i can see, but some of the others that i see are just crazy.
[16:36] Mace Braveheart: I look at it like this.. I understand its Dark RP.. But its MY DARK RP that matters to me. If you do not agree with my limits don't RP with me. the same goes for someone I see if I disagree with their limits I don't waste my time on them.
[16:36] Ariel Liveoak: Seriously, I think it doesn't require a "global rule". Just don't play with them.
[16:36] Corwyn Miles: Loki, this is RP…if it happens in RP, and the players have agreed to it, it's not against TOS.
[16:36] Robertto Catteneo: in my opinion the "no perma death" or "no perma mutilation' is nonsense
[16:36] You: well the posing of a metagame in a second life profile is linden labs we cannot control that
[16:36] Corwyn Miles: If it's taken OOC, then it would be against TOS
[16:37] vampevil Xue is Online
[16:37] toxic Ling is Offline
[16:37] Ewokian Pessoa is Online
[16:37] Marina Kips: The way it sounds to me, any SIM owner can make any rules. They even make up rules ad hoc….They become "the rule" themselves. This I dont see it right.
[16:37] Despina Boucher is Online
[16:37] You: but i do not feel the need to validate a rp that is not reasonable or attempts to godmode a rp by metagame
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Well
[16:38] Hanna Kanami: It's their sim and they are legally responsible for what happens there to a degree. It is my understanding sim owners do have to ensure that certain rules are met.
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Marina
[16:38] You: Limit*
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Lets take your sim for example
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: You own it
[16:38] Illyra Wycliffe is Online
[16:38] ABADDON Ryba: you ask suzana to much she not a good :)
[16:38] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) Suzana you ask to much she was not good:)
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: Do you really want me to tell you how to run it?
[16:38] You: no
[16:38] Marina Kips: I read the rules everytime I enter a SIM, but then a GM tells me I cannot lie my level in the CCS Title (I had a report on this one)… well
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: You pay for that
[16:38] Suzanna Soyinka: You have a right to make the rules there
[16:39] Robertto Catteneo: dark RP supose to be same as sport extreme…if you are a cardiac do not try it…
[16:39] Marina Kips: Ot's not about you tell me how to run my SIM, it's about how a CCS SIm should handle certein issues.
[16:39] Corwyn Miles: Suz, only where CCS is directly concerned, those are your rules to make. Otherwise, no.
[16:39] NALINE Yoshikawa laughs
[16:39] Krynch Picnic: haha i lie about my level all the time
[16:39] Krynch Picnic: im only level 3
[16:39] Suzanna Soyinka: I will give this some thought
[16:40] Suzanna Soyinka: The RP limits situation definitely needs a global edict
[16:40] Suzanna Soyinka: I agree
[16:40] Ewokian Pessoa is Offline
[16:40] Marina Kips: You wont tell me if I have to ban or eject a player, but you need to tell me "Hey chick, you have CCS on you SIM, now, so: No camping, No exsesive rp limits, no skie boxes without tp acsses" ets.
[16:40] Ariel Liveoak: Yeah, I've heard some really weird stuff from people that come into my sim and tell my staff about "CCS Rules"
[16:40] Tyrus Olbers: I think roleplay limits do not require a global, at the end, what it should be encourage its not the limit list, but to check on the limits before roleplaying with the person, at the end, those who have to much limits and senseless ones are the ones that lose, because they will find less and less roleplay and interaction
[16:40] Suzanna Soyinka: There may be a few global rule additions.
[16:40] Ewokian Pessoa is Online
[16:40] Robertto Catteneo: sometimes I am going by my self looking for trouble,and I wana be defeat capture and my group or clan ,family whaever must save me….
[16:41] Corwyn Miles: Either that or at least all GM's enforcing issues regarding them in the same way, which means Sim owners/admins talking to each other to determine the best way to handle such issues, so they're handled the same no matter where a player goes.
[16:41] Suzanna Soyinka: Well I think largely we should just tell people to pick three limits
[16:41] Robertto Catteneo: nothing like this happend today
[16:41] Marina Kips: yes, thanks!
[16:41] Nicholai Hellmann is Online
[16:41] Suzanna Soyinka: Cause anything beyond that is just…metagaming via profile
[16:41] Marina Kips: I'm happy to hear this… really.
[16:41] Selene Weatherwax: thats true Marina.. what i think is that,.. ye we are in a Dark RP.. so ask people if they are here to play or not..
[16:42] Selene Weatherwax: thats delya.. ignore that comment
[16:42] Iliana Shabazz: I‘ve seen a 40 rp limits list.. so i better dont play with them
[16:42] Corwyn Miles: Personally, I think RP Limits should be abolished, and the players encouraged to work out any such RP with each other as adults.
[16:42] Mace Braveheart: I disagree.. It is Dark RP… but one persons definition of Dark RP can be completely different to someone elses…
[16:42] Corwyn Miles: that’s just me though
[16:42] Robertto Catteneo: Suzanna to make xp in CCS the only way is to stay and RP or fight,if fight degenerate in drama and RP is blocked by RP limits,of course you will have campers
[16:42] Marina Kips: what about a global rule about skies?
[16:43] Ariel Liveoak: What's the elevation where CCS stops working?
[16:43] Ariel Liveoak: Tell your people that skyboxes have to be avbove that.
[16:43] Suzanna Soyinka: 768m at this time
[16:43] Selene Weatherwax: is personal opinion.. but i think most people decide to have limits.. because either that have been godmod.. or have personal RL issues against it… like the no Rape limits… or the no sex.. because they have a gf they dont want to cheat on..
[16:44] Selene Weatherwax: i'm ok with getting my finger cut as along .. as i can RP to it..
[16:44] Tyrus Olbers: that I believe it's an issue without base… it's roleplay after all
[16:44] Debbie Wei is Offline
[16:44] Selene Weatherwax: i'm ok with being burn alive.. as along as i can have my part in the in accion…
[16:44] Krynch Picnic: you can request that be lowered. I had my sims height lowered to 150m and dotn have to deal with the *sky box campers*
[16:44] Hanna Kanami: I came across a guy who had so many limits that after defeat, there was no conceivalbe way for me to prevent him from getting up again and attacking upon revive. I couldn't take his weapons or remove his clothes or anything.
[16:45] You: some limits are reasonable some not anything against a CCS event like "no feed" "no defeat" is contrary to ccs
[16:45] Peopleonfire Sporg is Online
[16:45] Xacob Mavendorf is Online
[16:45] Nana Namanari is Offline
[16:45] Ariel Liveoak: "No Defeat"?? Seriously?
[16:45] Marina Kips: lol, no defeat
[16:45] Corwyn Miles: Selene, then either they need to work it out with the other player, or leave, it is voluntary to be here, and RP here, if people don't want to RP, then what are they doing here in the first place? All these things are part of the package.But a player can work out the RP in IM.
[16:45] Marina Kips: NOOOO
[16:45] NALINE Yoshikawa: LAMO
[16:45] Selene Weatherwax: i think dumb.. non moral RP limits shouldnt be respected..
[16:45] NALINE Yoshikawa: LMAO
[16:45] Marina Kips: no one has no defeat
[16:45] whisper Pevensey is Offline
[16:45] Mace Braveheart: question… why are you RPing with someone you do not like the limits they have?
[16:45] Krynch Picnic: yea ive seen that too as well as the no biting, no feeding
[16:45] Selene Weatherwax: i saw one dude that did Marina
[16:45] Corwyn Miles: it's not a matter of respected, they shouldb't be.
[16:46] Marina Kips: Sorry Mace, I rp with anyone, I dont read profiles
[16:46] You: no capture how can he fight a war and be defeated and removed from the fight if is no capture or too short a capture
[16:46] Selene Weatherwax: and some chick with no feeding.. and no shooting.. melee only
[16:46] Hanna Kanami: sometimes people with extreme limits go and attack other players - and use their own limits as a way to get out of going through with the rp of defeat
[16:46] Marina Kips: so if I rp I wanna kiss a guy and the guy tells me "oh, I have no kiss in my rp limits"
[16:46] Robertto Catteneo: can I give an example for some nonsense rules here?
[16:46] You: also was report of no role play with group
[16:46] Mace Braveheart: even afterwards a RP starts… if they start whining bout their limits FTB and move onto another person
[16:46] Ariel Liveoak: Hanna, if it happens in Delphi, let me know.
[16:46] You: or above a level
[16:46] You: both illegal
[16:47] Hanna Kanami: haven't seen it there Ariel.. lots of great rp going on there
[16:47] You: pure metagamming
[16:47] P4NDOR4 Quintessa is Offline
[16:47] Ptah Tomorrow is Offline
[16:47] Ariel Liveoak: ?me smiles. "So far so good. Only a matter of time though, I'm sure."
[16:47] Tuan Messing is Offline
[16:47] Andromeda Recreant is Offline
[16:47] Marina Kips: I am not looking at profiles or players' sheets when I rp…
[16:48] Tyrus Olbers: I have to say I don't read profiles either, I just roleplay, I have not had the bad luck to find someone cutting me out of the scene because limits, at least not on a long time
[16:48] Marina Kips: noone should be doing that
[16:48] Tyrus Olbers agrees wth Marina
[16:48] Kensy Meili: yes marina.
[16:48] P4NDOR4 Quintessa is Online
[16:48] You: it could be considered a metagame too to check a profile for anything before a hostile rp
[16:49] Tyrus Olbers: I mean, come on, roleplay its about becoming a characther, and dive on a world dark where you know there are things such as sex, rape, violence and such, the beauty of all this is to see where a scene can lead you, the mistery of how deep the rabbit holes goes
[16:49] Selene Weatherwax: i do and maybe i let the limits rule my rp actions.. but i always ask.. in chat or IM.. because is the right thing to do..
[16:49] Corwyn Miles: I don't see how Suz can really enforce such a thing as RP Limits. It should be up to the Sim owners/admins, working together to enforce such a thing.
[16:49] Krynch Picnic: i look after a fight to see what the limits are , so i can respect them if required.
[16:49] Krynch Picnic: all of us "working together" thats the key
[16:49] You: profiles are LL and not a CCS feature per say to me IM the player is correct action before trying a serious rp
[16:50] You: yes then you can look for clues too
[16:50] billou Slade is Online
[16:50] You: afterward
[16:50] Selene Weatherwax: i dont think is Suz job to enforce it.. we are talking about it here.. and since we representing out sims.. why not take it and try to promote it…
[16:50] Andromeda Recreant is Online
[16:50] Selene Weatherwax: our*
[16:50] Tyrus Olbers agrees
[16:50] Hanna Kanami: it is up to us as a community to move some of this forward, agreed
[16:50] Marina Kips: Again
[16:50] Suzanna Soyinka: well
[16:50] Marina Kips: it's not a SIM issue
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: I think you all working together
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Give the GM Alliance
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Is a lot of where the answer lies here
[16:51] Phoebe Duarte is Online
[16:51] Corwyn Miles: agreed, Suz
[16:51] Marina Kips: it's a CCS issue
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Cause CCS is more than me
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: And CoLA
[16:51] obscuria Sinister: in my case i allready see so many ridiculous rp limits on some players like no fight no ic insult no capture no….. no…… no……. no….. etc…, some players when i start a rp with them i just will have to say him "excuse me sir can i kill you ? 0o", if they really dont accept nothing or if they are chocked with what can happen here, i only have 2 things to say them 1: CCS is a dark roleplaying game, when someone wear a ccs he or she must have to accept all what can happen for me, 2: if you dont like or dont accept, then go play the sims online
[16:51] Suzanna Soyinka: Its everyone thats invested
[16:51] obscuria Sinister: (fr->en) in my case i allready see so many ridiculous rp limits on some players like no fight no ic insult no catch no ….. No …… No ……. no ….. etc …, some players when i start a rp with them i will just have to say him "excuse me sir can i kill you? 0o, if they really dont accept nothing or if they are chocked with what can happen here, i only have 2 things to say them 1: CCS is a dark roleplaying game, when someone wear a ccs he or she must have to accept all what can happen for me, 2: if you dont like or dont accept, then go play the sims online
[16:51] Ariel Liveoak: I'm wary of trying to make "rules" about it at any level, to be honest. If you don't read profiles ahead of time, fine, but if you then discover all these limits, then next time just don't play with them. Eventually they won't have anyone willing to play with them, and maybe they'll learn something. If anyone tries to legislate it, just gonna cause another firestorm.
[16:51] You: yes actually is working well
[16:51] Abbie Shelford is Online
[16:51] Gabriel Villota is Offline
[16:52] Tyrus Olbers nods
[16:52] Phoebe Duarte is Offline
[16:52] Marina Kips: I guess is working, we can have a poll there
[16:52] Krynch Picnic: i gotta run ( rl knpocking )
[16:53] Hanna Kanami: bye Krynch
[16:53] You: a small global ruling on the limits that contradict ccs is good i think
[16:53] Tyrus Olbers waves
[16:53] Selene Weatherwax: byeee
[16:53] Marina Kips: bye bye, tc)
[16:53] obscuria Sinister: tc
[16:53] Kensy Meili: bye marina
[16:53] Jay Tomcat is Online
[16:53] Robertto Catteneo: I go to a Dark RP sim hoping to find people willing to RP in a twisted way,not to RP four hours the fact that it is a lovely day.You´re supposed to "see" guts being spilled off, or members choped. If you want to RP small talk go back to clubing and "TP all your friends and don´t forget to show your love to our amazing dancers and hard working hostesses".
[16:53] You: bye sister Marina
[16:53] Cortomalto Beaumont is Offline
[16:53] Peopleonfire Sporg is Offline
[16:53] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay I think we got quite a bit covered here
[16:54] Marina Kips: I still think global CCS ruling is not against SIm's ruling
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: I'd like to see the GM Alliance working together a lot more
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: To find a balance
[16:54] Selene Weatherwax: sorry Robertto but i think you jsut have bad luck
[16:54] You: then we will
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: Of acceptance between sims
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: In regards to rules and limits
[16:54] Serafina Ezvalt is Online
[16:54] Robertto Catteneo: I know Selene…
[16:54] Tyrus Olbers thinks about making a pijama party for the alligeance to get…closer
[16:54] Loki Priestman nods
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: Far as class balance issues go
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: I have a balance pass coming this week
[16:54] You: oki
[16:54] Marina Kips: We are trying to unify rules in hispanic SIMs
[16:54] Jenny Beale is Offline
[16:54] Suzanna Soyinka: And Melanie should have her part of 1.0.1 finished next week
[16:55] You: nice
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Shes currently on holiday in Berlin
[16:55] Tyrus Olbers: may I ask why there's so much trouble with hispanic sims?
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Because Hispanic people
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Are hotblooded and passionate
[16:55] You: oh yes
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: And when they get angry
[16:55] Selene Weatherwax: hehehe.. thats true
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: They get really really angry
[16:55] sexy Furse is Offline
[16:55] Tyrus Olbers is hispanic despite he does not roleplay on a hispanic sim
[16:55] Marina Kips: well, I will give you my opinion: latins are very hotblooded and spanish too dramatic..
[16:55] Marina Kips: LOL
[16:55] Selene Weatherwax is hispanic too
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: Its just one of those things we accept
[16:55] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn thinks of his spanish mate and agrees
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: I'm Irish
[16:55] Suzanna Soyinka: I will occasionally get drunk and throw punches at people.
[16:56] Corwyn Miles: hehe
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: These are things we're born to.
[16:56] Corwyn Miles: I can duck
[16:56] Tyrus Olbers raises the beer towards Suz
[16:56] Selene Weatherwax: haha
[16:56] Ariel Liveoak: …I probably shouldn't mention I'm English then, huh?
[16:56] Marina Kips: There was a massive excile from SL to CCS world in the hispanic community
[16:56] Robertto Catteneo: Suzanna,try to lower all offence skills,or maybe stop them at one point let's say level -30- because right now is not anymore melee,we are fighting on skills and the blue pop on the upper right corner
[16:56] Sana Dagger is Offline
[16:56] Tyrus Olbers wonders if there is some non hispanich cels in his system
[16:56] Marina Kips: we are more than 1000 palyers
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: Robert
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: when we adjust the point system
[16:56] Robertto Catteneo: yes please
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: I will be adjusting damage across the board
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: To compensate
[16:56] Peopleonfire Sporg is Online
[16:56] Suzanna Soyinka: So don't worry about that
[16:57] Alej0 Rodenberger is Offline
[16:57] Tyrus Olbers: that matter was settle alreadym, I thought
[16:57] You: yes is a parting quote i think
[16:57] Suzanna Soyinka: Alright
[16:57] Anjelina Nykvist is Offline
[16:57] Suzanna Soyinka: If there are no further issues, I thank you for your time.
[16:57] Robertto Catteneo: I mean "we" or just me personaly,I don't get upset if it's a try there we are able to waitt…
[16:57] Loki Priestman: Thank you Suz
[16:57] Ariel Liveoak: Thanks Suz.
[16:57] Suzanna Soyinka: And I really need you to get people to understand the changes we are going to make.
[16:58] Tyrus Olbers nods and stands to clap at Suz and the others for the good job
[16:58] Loki Priestman: It was a productive meeting
[16:58] Corwyn Miles: one final question
[16:58] You: thank you for having us suzanna
[16:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Sure Corwyn
[16:58] Corwyn Miles: are you still going to change racial point gain from 5 levels to 10?
[16:58] ABADDON Ryba: ty for ur time suz
[16:58] Suzanna Soyinka: no
[16:58] Corwyn Miles: ok
[16:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Leaving that alone right now
[16:58] Suzanna Soyinka: Too many point stealing weapons out
[16:58] Ariel Liveoak: …annoying things
[16:58] Alej0 Rodenberger is Online
[16:58] Faerol Etchegaray: and they steal too fast
[16:58] Corwyn Miles: Suz, thank you for holding this meeting, it definately helps
[16:58] Suzanna Soyinka: An adjustment there would seriously cripple people
[16:58] Loki Priestman: Oh…that actually brings up a point
[16:59] You: good
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Well my concerns
[16:59] Robertto Catteneo: thank you for your time…and good luck with new system..
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Are always for what is in the best interest of you all
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: And your communities
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: I have a deep responsibility to you
[16:59] Loki Priestman: Would it be possible to eliminate the stat stealing weapons?
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Because you have committed to me.
[16:59] Marina Kips: and you are gonna work on reducing the cripple effect and extend the radshot?
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: I don't think elimination is going to occur Loki, but I may enforce a higher cooldown on them.
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Cripple's stamina return will be adjusted
[16:59] Marina Kips: There's still one more thing I'd like to share and talk about.
[16:59] Suzanna Soyinka: Radshot range will go to 25m
[17:00] Loki Priestman nods "That would be good, thank you"
[17:00] Selene Weatherwax: a cooldown will be cool
[17:00] Suzanna Soyinka: Okay go ahead Marina.
[17:00] Hanna Kanami: Thank you for this meeting today, Suzanna, and thank you for all the hard work you've been doing ^^
[17:00] Jas1979 Irata is Offline
[17:00] Marina Kips: Well one issue we had talked about already, but as I received some notices with complaints about it, I'll point it out again: some meters wont take any damage under lag, neither melee, nor through skills… I guess It can be so frustating for both parts: the one hitting and sending skills with no results and the one being attacked with his meter intact (players instead of thinking of a bug or an external factor do not hesitate to accuse of "cheatting").
[17:01] Anaelle Barbosa is Offline
[17:01] Suzanna Soyinka: I'd need to pretty much be able to see this reproduced live
[17:01] Faerol Etchegaray: Slow PCs, Marina : no work-around
[17:01] Suzanna Soyinka: To even begin to understand where the problem might be
[17:01] Robertto Catteneo: Suzanna,regarding cripple..I think is no sense on this as long the new script In Charissa sword lower stam,because those two combined becomes a big stamina dammage.
[17:01] Jas1979 Irata is Online
[17:01] You: is there a plan for a CCS SL Viewer i heard a rumor Suzanna
[17:01] Ishtar Heartsdale is Online
[17:01] logan Weder is Offline
[17:02] obscuria Sinister: thks for the meeting suz, and good luck with the new ccs, you create you and your team a great work with ccs really
[17:02] Suzanna Soyinka: The CCS SL Viewer is very close to completion
[17:02] Suzanna Soyinka: I expect to see it by July at the latest
[17:03] Suzanna Soyinka: It is quite professional
[17:03] Loki Priestman: Oh YEAH!!! Awesome
[17:03] Corwyn Miles: cool
[17:03] Selene Weatherwax: nice
[17:03] Mace Braveheart: very nice
[17:03] Suzanna Soyinka: There are already alpha tech versions of it out
[17:03] You: excellent may solve the lag idea a bit
[17:03] Corwyn Miles: woohoo
[17:03] You: hahhahaa
[17:03] You: yes
[17:03] Suzanna Soyinka: You can get the Hippotech viewer
[17:03] ABADDON Ryba: suz can u used again the web site to informe all that you change point
[17:03] ABADDON Ryba: (fr->en) can u suz again used the web site to inform you all that change point
[17:03] Corwyn Miles: 3 Cheers for Suz!!!!
[17:03] Suzanna Soyinka: And see the alpha work
[17:03] You: i will then
[17:03] Suzanna Soyinka: That will be on the reference Abaddon, when its done
[17:03] sexy Furse is Online
[17:03] ABADDON Ryba: ty
[17:03] You: congrats then on job well done
[17:04] Loki Priestman: Suz, you are the greatest
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: Not done yet
[17:04] You: we are behind you every step do not hesitate to ask us if you need anything suzanna
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: But we are getting there
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: Will do
[17:04] Faerol Etchegaray: Any date for the 4 points change over ?
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: And thank you all, I appreciate your support
[17:04] Alej0 Rodenberger is Offline
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: Potentially next week Faerol, at the latest, week after
[17:04] Selene Weatherwax: is coming on 1.0.1
[17:04] Suzanna Soyinka: Just need Melanies half of the 1.0.1 update done
[17:05] Mace Braveheart: oh one last question… is there a way we can do quarterly respecs?
[17:05] Faerol Etchegaray: Ok. And thanks again.
[17:05] Suzanna Soyinka: Shes got some changes at the back end she needs to finish up
[17:05] Suzanna Soyinka: I have most of the LSL done
[17:05] You: nice
[17:05] sexy Furse is Offline
[17:05] angelleena Loon is Online
[17:05] Suzanna Soyinka: Alright then
[17:06] Alej0 Rodenberger is Online
[17:06] Suzanna Soyinka: I call this meeting of the congress of sims to a close
[17:06] Suzanna Soyinka: Thank you all for your time
[17:06] Tyrus Olbers nods
[17:06] Ariel Liveoak: Hear hear
[17:06] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn stands and bows
[17:06] Suzanna Soyinka: And good luck and have fun :)
[17:06] Selene Weatherwax: Thank you for having us..
[17:06] Tyrus Olbers: it was a pleasure to meet ya all
[17:06] Loki Priestman: Thanks again Suz, and have a great day
[17:06] Iliana Shabazz: thanks suz
[17:06] NALINE Yoshikawa: Thank you Suzanna
[17:06] Robertto Catteneo: have a good one …all
[17:06] Corwyn Miles: thanks suz
[17:06] ABADDON Ryba: thank agaain suz
[17:06] Ariel Liveoak: Cheers
[17:06] Suzanna Soyinka accepted your inventory offer.
[17:06] Jenny Beale is Online
[17:06] Kensy Meili: Thanks Suzanna
[17:06] Suzanna Soyinka: Thank you Markus
[17:06] Mace Braveheart: ….. thanks ….
[17:06] You: from us all
[17:06] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn smiles
[17:07] Marina Kips: lol Robertto
[17:07] majnoon Planer is Online
[17:07] Marina Kips: I saw ya slipping there
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: I forget to pray at LL to get a nice tp out
[17:07] Iliana Shabazz grabs one suzan`s foot
[17:07] Cherry Manga is Offline
[17:07] Iliana Shabazz: lmao
[17:07] MarkusChristopher Llewellyn chants a ancient spell and a rift in space and time opens
[17:07] Selene Weatherwax waves as she poofies
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: Our Lindens, who art in the Labs,
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: Hallowed be thy prims.
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: Thy Grid-dom come, thy will be done,
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: On sims, as it is in The Preview.
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: Give us this day our daily crash,
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: And forgive us our Spammery.
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: As we forgive those, who greif against us
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: And lead us not, into private parcels.
[17:07] Robertto Catteneo: Amen.
[17:07] NALINE Yoshikawa: LMAO
[17:07] obscuria Sinister: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
[17:08] NALINE Yoshikawa laughs
[17:08] obscuria Sinister: amen
[17:08] You: byesssssss

((This is a copy and paste i did from a post in the Cola site))

Wow what awesome posts and thank you all for them. One thing I will say is I do my best to respect the OCC player and do everything to protect your rights if any here in CCS. This is the Greatest Game in the Grid to me and I thank you all.
Now to the subject:

Ok another thing we have been thinking of and discussing at length. And is the discussion or countless GM calls and sanctions and proposed rulings.

What exactly a valid role play limit is?

To me needs couple clarifications:
1. It cannot negate a valid action of the CCS or the Community Combat System or one of its effects. (example: “No Defeat”, “No Feed” or “No Wracking”)
2. It cannot attempt to support a Metagaming action In Character in an attempt to control the game to give you an advantage. (example: “I have magic armor that cannot be taken off or damaged” or “I have pixie dust to prevent any ability to cut my limbs” )
3. It must contribute to the Games flow as far as a theme of the role play. (example is hard to have a “No Capture” clause and expect to fight with your friends in a Faction to Faction war, for you are attempting to godmode the outcome of the war if you rejoin combat not being burdened with the fact the enemy cannot contain you by role play means to end the combat in total victory, is a scenario where the Capture is needed in role play).
4. It cannot support a unrealistic Metagaming OOC action In Character ( example: “I wont role play with levels over 30, since they camped to get there” or “no role play with Devils Disciples since their leader is a pain in the ass” )

That being said it is a dark role play and some things must be allowed to happen, defeat, capture, some role played torture, ect. Dark things go bump in the night. However it is a Game all should enjoy, not a select few, Is not unreasonable to have a “No Rape” or “No Sex” in your limits if you do have any. These things just lead to a horrible OOC dramas and disrupts all the players role play time if leads to a disagreement.

Yes is a dark role play but must we force people to be killed, stripped naked, fucked up the ass and dragged down a street to be gangbanged or a similar fate, especially if they openly declare they not want to play that far? Just because you are a high level who can CCS them to defeat in 60 seconds? Wow what a challenge and great fun!»> NOT!«<
I am sorry but to me, this is an example of a sick fucking mind in the process who cannot live out a sick fantasy in real life so is attempting to force it on us here. Is a million weirdo’s out there….. Real Life Rapists, Serial Killers, Child Molesters…. am I required now to allow them to play out their sick fantasies here under a blanket excuse “is a Dark Role Play”, this is one the reasons I have a CCS Sim is the Role Play limits are respected if they are reasonable..

Same as child sex or molestation issues, and of course no I wont do a raciest or homophobic role play. But I not dictate to them if they want to do a sex rape bondage thing or whatever is all good as far as consenting adults here.

People here are saying “Fade to Black” in one breath and then if someone does it, hell they are abusing the FTB in another, “Lets call a GM on that cheater”

Metagamming and Godmodding excellent reasons for Fade to Black, but I believe Fade To Black if indeed called should be reported to a GM for the 24 hour ruling of no role playing with each other policy goes into effect then, it must be validated so is not a light thing to do. Don’t try to do to others what you don’t want done too you!

Avoid any OOC Drama like the plague! Always stay IC go to the IM if need to.

Actually is all common sense, a Profile is a Second Life Linden Lab feature, Is not a integrated part of the CCS, and is not required to read it before or after a hostile combat role play and is even the idea is a Metagaming to do so.

It is OOC and has no real influence whatsoever on the IC, other than give a passive message of who you are and your values.

Most limits or messages if they are a obvious or silly or an attempt to godmode the role play should not or will not be validated by a GM in most CCS Sims

. I not sure how we can really limit a writing of whatever a person wants in a Linden Lab feature, or why in the hell it upsets you in the least.

A Linden Lab feature must be addressed by Linden Labs by a Abuse Report. To try to control a Linden Lab profile by a CCS ruling is beyond our authority.

Simple solution is to IM for limits and be adult.


MarkusChristopher Llewellyn

Vampire Death Dealer Level 39

Point on registration is 10 at this level i have accumulated

348 (Points totaled)
76 (subtract 2 points per level since level one)
272 (points for placement)

((stats now))

Strength 65 Modifies the amount of damage dealt in melee
Fortitude 65 Determines life point increase on level-up
Endurance 65 Determines stamina increase on level-up
Will 65 Resistance to status effects (in percent)
Intelligence 20 Success rate (in percent) of interacting with inworld objects
Perception 68 Chance (in percent) to dodge an attack

((Example stats after the respec))

Strength 50 Modifies the amount of damage dealt in melee
Fortitude 50 Determines life point increase on level-up
Endurance 50 Determines stamina increase on level-up
Will 50 Resistance to status effects (in percent)
Intelligence 20 Success rate (in percent) of interacting with inworld objects
Perception 52 Chance (in percent) to dodge an attack

The theory here is if i decide to put 100% in say two Stats like Fortitude and Endurance my Will, Intelligence, Strength and perception will be low, creating a weakness that can be exploited.

((Example Stacking attempt and results))

Strength 20 Modifies the amount of damage dealt in melee
Fortitude 96 Determines life point increase on level-up
Endurance 96 Determines stamina increase on level-up
Will 20 Resistance to status effects (in percent)
Intelligence 20 Success rate (in percent) of interacting with inworld objects
Perception 20 Chance (in percent) to dodge an attack

(Maybe not the picture perfect example but you get the idea if i was level 50 I of course have easier method and time for the stack exploit.)

Now you can hit me skills and hit me more for low will and low perception bringing strategy into the picture. I can be beaten where before maybe not with more points to cover my other areas in my stacking attempt.


Areton McMillanAreton McMillan 31 May 2009, 14:23 -0-500

I don't know how you all think about the new ccs !

I can't find myself in the changes it is not what I expected ,to downgrade the stat points is not the good solution if you ask me !

Perhaps it is time to try another system !

Areton McMillan

quoted text

Well they say same thing on the curve and i was resistant to that too. However is just a mathamatical recalulation of the entire player base not just us high levels so really i not think we will we will even notice much of a difference among ourselves maybe a difference in our strength in the chat on the CCS Aragorn Dummy LOL. Dont get upset we not abandonning ship yet lets trust Suzanna and see how it plays out since is new tweaks to the code to be done and if is not working I will be one the first to request a change either back or to another solution :)

In Strength and Honor


I don't know how you all think about the new ccs !

I can't find myself in the changes it is not what I expected ,to downgrade the stat points is not the good solution if you ask me !

Perhaps it is time to try another system !

Areton McMillan

NEW CCS ON THE WAY ! by Areton McMillanAreton McMillan, 31 May 2009 19:23

Hi all!

I'm happy to post today the french translation of the rules ;)

Hope to see you soon in the game…



This is a reprint of my thread off of the cola site, with more ability to say freely what we think here. here is the thread there.

((i will reprint only my posts and answers for viewing here you may comment on them, if any feel this should not be posted here or their post let me know i be happy to instantly remove it from here))

OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

OK new hot topic bugging me is I have been seeing a the organization of so called Camper Hunts lots of times called in Cola chats of course is lot of times may be campers. However lot of time I been seeing is not. But people maybe role playing in French or Spanish when is not anyone around till one the great OOC "Hunter" sees them in the map and approaches hears them in chat speaking another language.

"BINGO" Camper damn foreign campers lets kill them all, some nerve comming to a CCS english sim and although is no one around role play in their first language among themselves. Then they use the Group Chats to call for assistance to "kill the campers" hmnn sounds like metagamming and ooc reason for combat to me all illegal. Let me assure you Camping is a global issue yes we have duty to report it wherever we see it is a exploit the CCS and Cheating. Call a GM.

But that being said the idea is they are not moving much talking among selves sometimes for long periods of time. Sounds like Pararole playing to me. But you start in with racist comments and insults and actully no one says "hey this is wrong let not do this here" is all the good old boy routine "oki guys on my way or get a rope".

Another misconception many have is Markus is not a native english speaking person OOC, I am from the United States born there in Missouri, English is my first language, i learn to play CCS and SL in french sim which was a eye opener for me. They have intense role play they can play a capture for 3 real life days and i seen them do it is tricky to use a translater but is possible and has many unforseen rewards.

So is funny to me if they are not english or spanish or french players they must be campers and no good in role play.

I have news THAT IS A LIE!

It is thinly hidden racism pure and simple. I know you all know exactly what i am talking of. Lets hear your points of view.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

The last time I participated in a "Camper Hunt" we were checking for passports or other documents of immigration. Some people played along, some people refused to speak english and got GM called, some people were actually non responsive? Were they spanish or french speakers? Dunno, they never answered.
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

maybe because they couldnt understand u LOL

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

One thing I am not condoning is not using a Translater in role play in Nosgoth I did and now do use it all the time with out complaint, is not a excuse to not comply with the Sims Rules regarding languages, is corruption of the Sims theme. However using a OOC reason to instigate a combat role play is things we try to avoid is number one cause of Drama.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I agree for 100% with you MarkusChristopher, its exactly how you discribed.
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

If you're in CoLA, and you have your meter on, and you refuse to RP in English, you are breaking the rules and deserve to be banned.

If you're standing in Nowhere, can only use English through use of a translator, but are more than happy to RP at the drop of a hat when people show up to RP, you are not breaking the rules. Have a wonderful day.

If you're in CoLA, and you are OOCly harassing people who are not breaking the rules, you are breaking the rules, and deserve to be banned.

None of this I'd describe as racism.

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Darius Vayandar


Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I wouldn't say im promoting racism, but i can tell you when i go into their sim, and they see a translator to English pop up i get attacked 9 times out of ten with no reason while walking around, it goes both ways. i also agree with cody, i have done plenty of rp with the non English speakers when they have the translator going. iv also have to deal with foreigners harassing my home daily, so no im not racist, but have i had mostly bad experiences with those who don't speak English in ccs? yeah, i have.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

yes is the whole point this post is many justify it. I hear it all the time "Well i broke the rules because they do and started it" the rule are supposed to be respected tranlaters and languages so if they deserve to be banned if you attack someone for a occ reason why do you not deserve to get the same ban?

Exactly who are they? i only see Players not a race creed or color or language barrior how come i can go to any sim for the most part and role play and not have issues?

However i welcome the views keep them comming smile
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

codywoodhen wrote:

If you're in CoLA, and you have your meter on, and you refuse to RP in English, you are breaking the rules and deserve to be banned.

If you're standing in Nowhere, can only use English through use of a translator, but are more than happy to RP at the drop of a hat when people show up to RP, you are not breaking the rules. Have a wonderful day.

If you're in CoLA, and you are OOCly harassing people who are not breaking the rules, you are breaking the rules, and deserve to be banned.

None of this I'd describe as racism.

Uh…if you are OOCly harassing ANYONE it is against the rules. Whether they have rule broken or not.
CCS defeating someone cos you think they are camping is pretty much illegal, you should just call a GM straight away if you suspect someone.

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Pack Lycangel


Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I CCS people I think might be camping, but only after trying to engage them in RP. If, after an appropriate length of time, they don't respond, I post that my character's getting pissed off at the lack of reply and threaten them. If again he's ignored, I CCS. If I'm able to take them down without any resistance, there's not only blatant camping happening, but I've given them a chance, and there's an IC reason.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

The way i see it, those that make an effort to Communicate with others are doing a world of good. Reminding people to SL TOS and im sure its in CCS TOS aswell, that RACISIM is not only CCS banable, It could be SL BANNABLE!!

Looking at other items, when it comes to Double XP, We see more of a fare share of Gestubaters, trigger happy Gun nuts Etc etc… all these NOT non-english speakers.. I've seen plenty of people who have english as their first language Sponge XP and sit tight. Camping is a problem yes, but dont think its one group entirely. I make sure to keep on my toes about camping. Always Double check that people are alive before Sending the call for IM, i give them 5-10 mins… In said time im doing something else.. Searching for some good RP or looking for friends In game to meet and seek some form of fun.

Also, People should try finding and Getting their hands on a translator.. The Babbler Failed some time in 2008 and the Babel Fish went to hell too.. but as one fails, another one Succeeds it.. I got my hands on a free Translator and i havent had any problems with it, how come other people cant before Assuming "Forrigner Campers"?

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Micarla Metzer


Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I tend to look at it like this, the rules are the rules. In some sims, you must speak english or wear a translator. In some sims there are no rules regarding the use of translators or preferred language to be spoken. If I walk up to a group of people and notice they are all speaking Spanish, dig out my Simbolic translator and have at it.

Now, we all know camping is breaking the rules. If I, as a GM, walk up to someone and say "Hello" and get back an "Hola" or a "Bonjour", I'm not going to get a bug up my butt about it. And I'm certainly not going to scream "CAMPER!" and start screaming in chats about it, because they answered me. Camping is no response in a certain amount of time. It has nothing, NOTHING to do with language spoken.

Again, sim owners make the rules and some make rules for preferred language spoken on that sim. There are translators to help with this. Does that mean all people who speak French are campers? Nope. It just means they speak French.

So, in conclusion, follow the rules of the sim your on, be respectful TO ALL, and follow the golden CCS rule. No matter what, you DO NOT have the right to be an asshole. big_smile
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

i've taken macca's route before as well, and weeded out a number of campers. though my character's more of a stalker, looking for mugging bait, and shoots first, asks questions later. it's easy to spot campers then; they're the ones who don't even bother to RP, but rather go OOC as soon as you start shooting.
one of my victims actually said "i was afk just trying to gain some xp, why'd you kill me!", while i was in the middle of RPing the robbery. i got a GM on the case and left it. i wanna RP, not deal with ooc.
that's no reason to not shoot up campers though: while i'm IC, someone standing on a rooftop all by themselves is simply a prime target for being mugged. if they're camping or not isn't my fault or concern.

on translators/racism:
i'll get my translator out if need be, though i currently RP in sims that require english or a translator. i like the RP though, and there ARE plenty of good RPers out there who simply don't speak english. i feel sorry for the people who instantly discount RP simply because there's a translator involved.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I haven't banned, warned or CCSed anyone because of their language (unless they call me shit). Some of French and Spanish people had the opportunity to talk with me about the rules in their own language (although I suck at both french and spanish, I think I could be understood). And never I have banned anyone for RPing in their homeland language, whether it was LA or any other chain sim.

The problem starts when the player responds with "I won't be using English, I speak xxx and fuck off if you don't like it." The same would apply for people speaking French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Latin or tlhIngan Hol. And it has nothing to do with racism, just pure rule breaking

And I don't mind RP in any language. But which 'ja' in 'jajajajajajajajaja LOL' is RPing?

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Kellie Caldwell


Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

There have been occasions where in CoLA my friends and I were in the middle of an RP or just chattin icly after an RP when someone or a group of someones (usually 2-6 people) will come up and start chatting via translator. Hey cool we got RP here! is the first thing in my head.

To date I can think of only a handful of times where that was worth while. I don't blame the people doing the RP. as they are trying. I blame the translator. Honestly If I can't understand what your saying I don't know how to respond properly and asking for a translation from someone every time you post is problematic at best.

I do try my best to go through with the RP though.

I usually try to say hi to someone if I suspect they are camping. I'll wave and say things and do a dance or something in front of them. If after a bit they don't respond I'll grab a GM and let them handle it. I don't send IM's cause that just alerts them that someone wants their attention and they can tab back in to say "Oh I was im'ing with my friends for a few moments." maybe… maybe not. Not my call I leave that for gm's
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

The firs thing I do when I walk up on a group of non-english speakers talking in thier native language is fire up google translator.

If I see

Personx: I was hunting lycans yeterday, and got shot.
Persony: Oh, that sucks.

I assume its roleplay, and move on. However 9 times out of 10 its..

Personx: I only need 10 more xp to level. LOL. I am going to respec pleasurebot
persony: Cool, I'm playing my nintendo.

Obviously NOT rp, not in brackets, and usually accompanied by 10-12 gestures, with sound!

So, before you start shouting "Racist" please, make sure you're within the RULES of the sim your in
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

This is the dumbest discussion I've ever heard.

And I'll say why, and I've said it before.

Those who speak english, french, spanish, portugese…whatever else?

They're not RACES.

So thusly, we're dealing with "nationalism" not "racism".

And I get pretty short with the GMs if they're appearing to be dealing with players from other parts of the world in a harsh fashion based on the language they speak, so the CoLA GMs are pretty well aware I'm not too tolerant of nationalism.

Regardless of that, communities as a whole tend to be less tolerant of people that don't speak the primary language of the sim and thats not just in CoLA thats everywhere. Nationalism is in every sim and its not a good side of humanity frankly.

Camper hunts tend to turn up all kinds of people and any of them that are motivated by nationalism are not something I'd personally endorse or agree with.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

As a GM, I can't even count how many times I've been called a racist or biggot or any other name in the book. One case that sticks out in my mind the most was I was rping with someone who was off by themselves with a running meter, no one else even remotely nearby. So I walk up to them, talk, emote, all that good stuff. After about a half hour of trying and failing to get a response, I use the eject-ban button and IM the person to let them know they are banned for camping. What happens next? "I no speak English. You racist".

Meh, first of all, I'm not racist. Second of all, French/Spanish/Italian/etc aren't races. They are nationalities.

Aside from a few problem children, my overall experience with non-English speakers hasn't been too bad. Kudos to the ones that try to interact with translation devices! *high 5*

Edit - WEWT! Suz posted the nationality comment before me! <3

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

Suz and Vyrain, you're a little behind the times. "Racist" no longer means "someone who hates a particular race or anyone outside his own race." In currant parlance, it now stands alongside "nazi" and "fascist" in meaning "someone who disagrees with you."
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Pack Lycangel


Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

So calling someone racist is basically invoking Godwin's Law?

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

ok well is good to be in the open however i am only talking of what i personally hear i have heard racial slurs and yes many are called racist for the actions of a few the few is what i am talking of.

I of course have chat logging i am not saying things i cannot prove.

What is sad to me is i hear new players come and tell me what a great thing it was to kill the camping foreigners do I want to go. I have to correct them on the spot is wrong illegal and against the SL TOS as a harassment based on race creed or color or sexual orientation. Is illegal to attack someone IC for a OCC reason pure and simple.

If you wish a closed community you free of spanish or french speakers or race you need to close the sim or sims to free traffic, like one sim ((new D)) did a group access only for their double xp day.

That way they not come to be belittled and scorned insulted and harrassed based on their race or nationalizm. I am only asking you all to please quit. I am personally insulted each and every time i read it in my role play or in my IM group chats.

If i am wrong i am sorry but i do not try to cause a issue is just i love Cola and CCS and try to make it better in little ways if i can.
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

Essentially yes, Macca.
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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

Heads off to class now.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

The fact that the people in these situations are always (in my case) non-English speakers doesn't mean that it's why I'm targetting them. It's just a coincidence. I attack gesturespammers with the intention of RPing at them once they're down. To date, I've not managed this a single time without a GM being called in right after the fight because I didn't RP before the fight or any of a number of other reasons that aren't actually rules. None of this has anything to do with their language, though. I go into chat range and look for things like 'lol' and constant brackets and such. If I see RP of any kind, I leave it. Otherwise, I pick one of my pre-RPed reasons for Logan to glitch out and suddenly go homicidal.

Except for AS Dovgal and the people that come to mind when you think of the name "AS Dovgal" (I call them the Tanker boat crowd.) Finally, after two or three tries, I managed to get some RP out of them. Now, Logan ICly considers them friends and we actually post at each other every now and then. Good stuff.

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Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

Honestly I think people are too quick to claim racism (or whatever you wish to call it) as a motivation for anything. Tell you what, we are all human (unfortunately in my case) nuff sed

Malkavian Elder

Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

Personally if people refuse to rp, or try to rp wirth me in english i change my langauge as they into my native swedish making stuff much harder on all. Not roleplaying in the sim major language is bad, i feel a little bad every time me and all swedish ccs players i know, well usally one viking is never around us malks. But we all four can get into talking a little swedish. But we try, maybe becase we are so small we have to adopt… People with Italian, Spannish or Frensh have few reason except lazyness not to use a translator. I have still to find a working one to swedish.

Catherine Kuramoto
Re: OCC Camper hunts / helping CCS or promoting racism

I'm french, don't want to complain, not my kind, but I did suffer from "CCS racism" : The first time (long time ago) I was with few french friends in a english sim RPing all together (there were no one else except GM on the all sim) he came and forced us to speak english or use babblers, we found it a bit silly cause we were alone in the sim. Many times people said to me "You are french ?" and sometimes it sounds like prejudice but I don't care, racism is just a primitive behavior and unfortunatly do not have nationalty.

In another hand and to be honest I don't RP in french sims (too much dramas and sometimes too much corruption for me) I always try to RP in english without translator cause it sucks, but often I feel frustrated about my personnal translation time "How can I say that ? How to translate this typical french expression ? etc…".
RP must be interaction and I know many great french RPers how are too stuck to RP in english and it makes me sad cause they can share their amazing RP with english players plus translator can't help especialy if you like medieval RP.

I don't want to appear as Marku's sucker but he did a particular place with his sim Mythos, I never see so many different nationalities in a same CCS sim, spanish, deutch, english, french… Living in the respect of the others and I take the chance here to thank him for it.

And to finish my post I feel funny that this dicussion was start by an average Texan guy ; Since they have a bad reputation regarding to this subject tongue You may say he's a dreamer but he's not the only one.

The king fell (Background history of the Labyrinthe de Mythos)

The king fell to his knee on the new shore, on the white sands glinting reddish in the twilight hearing the rush and roar of the tide behind him, he looked wearily behind him at the warriors and survivors of his war torn Family, The Labyrinthe de l’obscurité and along with his allies who followed him without fear or question, with pure honor even into the jaws of certain destruction. They trusted the King more than he trusted himself. Like a thousand times before he gathered his resolve and courage just from the mere sight of them and felt a feeling of wild joy and a rush of pride and overpowering love for them.
He then decided he run no more they make their stand in this new land, rich in potential and live or die here they stand. He then looked to the Warrior Queen at his side where legend now tells boldly her tale of her fury and passion; she brushes a long dark lock from her eyes, dark and full of shining hearts for her King. The Kings resolve grew even more he watched the Family pull the longboats up to the shore and he ordered them burned as a sign the warriors did it without question but with a certain joy he seen before in their eyes just after a successful battle. He looked to the Mage and his Builder General, thinking of the work ahead; he pointed with his famous Elvish runed and cursed katana, the Hiatus Pure Razor, at the top or the shore “There will be the Castle Labyrinthe”. This king is a Gangrel Vampire of an outlawed family, his very making a crime of existence in the eyes of the Camarilla, shunned by the other Kindred for his tolerance and the acceptance of the other races and the very independence of his will. This land fall no chance a ancient map and scroll led the way here found in the estate ruins of his sire the Josephina, now found to be the Childre of the Ancient Atevulvian Dracien Raviprakash secretly and fearfully whispered to rest in torpor in this land of secrets and Myth, indeed then the Undead Grandsire of the King if the tale turns to the truth. For good or ill they are committed. Here perhaps the Demonic Curse that plagues the King can be dispelled, as the very air of this land one could feel the cataclysmic power or magic has rocked this place rending the very fabric of time and dimensions, who know what adventure or doom await this band of survivors. Legends told of prehistoric creature and science of the future yet to come materializing in the land, thoughtfully the King resolved to consult the Oracle for clues. The King turned to his Family his long red hair blowing in the wind and pronounced “We shall call it Labyrinthe de Mythos.” He smiles a easy smile his fangs glinting in the moonlight but knows the path ahead will not be easy and together they begin.

History of Dracien
Now I begin this history, I have clean parchment and sharpened quill, plenty spare jar of the
finest inks from the orient, coal black when drawn on the virgin white of the page, like the heart
and soul of the fiend god whom I write of. Again I look at the stacks of the books and ancient
tattered scrolls collected at great expense and not all the coin paid in gold but a great deal was
blood and lives. I hope I have not missed anything, a small detail that can help us in our task of
The task I have is a distasteful one and I hope it not glorify this fiend and a scourge upon our
land. Who am I, an expert historian, no I am Markus Childe Son of Josephina, Childe Daughter of
Dracien, Childe Son of Ennoia, Childe Daughter of Ravnos, Son of Cain. Roi Labyrinthe, beloved of
the Tabriss, Reine Labyrinthe the guardian of my heart and soul. We are the Kindred, cursed souls
of an ancient crime of our father, Paying a sentence for his crime with our very existence.
To know this one is to begin in the beginning, the tale of the slaying of the kin is known and the
curse of Cain is also well known and indeed cast in the golden works of the Labyrinthe Throne and
not the scope of recounting in this history.
We begin by explaining the obvious what is an Antediluvian, I a great study alone but we just point out couple
(Quoted from the Scrolls)
The Antediluvians are the founders of the thirteen vampire clans. They are attributed to be
vampires of incalculable power, each of whom survived the Great Flood (ante, before; diluv, flood:
hence antediluvian, one who comes before the flood) and who are believed to either be in torpor,
manipulating the Jyhad, or dead. Technically, the term Antediluvian can be applied to any Cainite
who dates before the Great Flood, such as Caine or the Second Generation, but it normally refers
to the Third Generation.
Second Presumably the Antediluvians are of such age and potency of blood that they possess nearly
god-like power, and in fact some of them may be deities. Very few records of such power being used
exist, but legends typically portray them as undefeatable. Some even theorize that the only way
for such creatures to be killed is if they desire it or if it is at the hands of another
Antediluvian. Whether that's true or not, they still seem to suffer from the traditional curses of
vampirism, including damage from sunlight, thirst for blood, and the ravages of the Beast.
Third the Camarilla asserts that the Antediluvians are dead or never even existed, and actively
persecutes those who publicly say otherwise. While the Sabbat adheres to a pseudo-religious creed
claiming it as their duty to destroy the Antediluvians and their servants. Most believe they are
in a war for their very survival and that if the ancients are not stopped all vampires will be
enslaved or devoured by them during Gehenna. The sect preaches that the Antediluvians manipulate
all Cainites through the Jyhad, and that the Camarilla and surviving Methuselah are their pawns.
Now that being said and clear we begin our tale with the Father Caine and his Childe son Ravnos
and of the Roma. (This part directly quoted from the Ancient Scrolls)
The history of the Roma begins as wanderers and outcasts of the Enoch, the First City. One family
of these Gypsies was known as the Powara and were kinfolk of the descendents of Sarrath,
werewolves that would later be known as the Silent Striders. One night during their travels the
youngest daughter of the Powara's leader, Laetshi, invited a stranger to camp with them. The man
introduced himself as Caine, though he would be called Kaen in the Powara tongue. After sharing
with the Gypsies tales of the fall of the First City and his curse to never walk among the
children of Eve, Kaen was surprised to be invited by the Powara to travel alongside them for as
long as he liked, provided he did not feed from among them. The lupines that had long lived
alongside the Powara refused to welcome Kaen amongst them, but for the time being they tolerated
his presence.
During the months that Kaen walked with the Powara he came to be loved by them, particularly by
their leader's son, a adolescent boy named Ravnos who was filled with the passions and dreams of
youth. When his father was killed by wandering vampires, Ravnos pleaded with Kaen to give his
father eternal life, but upon realizing that was not possible Ravnos instead accepted the Embrace
himself. But when the werewolves realized what had happened to Ravnos, they fell into a rage and
advanced against Kaen and his new childe. Bloodshed was avoided only by the intervention of
Laetshi, who shared with everyone her visions of the future where Ravnos and his descendents would
protect the Rom from other vampires that would otherwise drain them of their blood and souls. It
was the destiny of the Ravnos to watch over their family among the living. Moved by her words, the
lupines departed, though swearing curses upon Kaen and Ravnos. Kaen, for his part, realized that
his time among the Roma was over, but taught Ravnos the powers of Animalism and Fortitude before
departing. Ravnos is said to have later developed the signature Discipline of his clan, Chimerstry,
himself with the help of his sister.
The story continues to speak of the meeting of Ravnos and Ennoia, who would eventually betray him
and bring about his death. Guided by Ravnos and his childer, the Rom eventually came to the Second
City and made camp outside its walls. There Ravnos witnessed the vampire Ennoia being banished
from the city, and he pitied her as one outcast for another. He welcomed Ennoia among his family,
and overtime they become close friends as they shared tales of their journeys, and then lovers as
they made daring raids together to steal and beguile the Cainites of the Second City. But Ennoia
grew bored of their time together, and endeavored to supplant him as leader of the Gypsies by
handing Ravnos over to the leaders of the Second City. But when Ravnos and Ennoia did not return
from a foray into the city, Laetshi used her Sight to find them and witnessed the destruction of
her brother as he was left tied atop the city's high temple to meet the sun's morning light.
Furious with rage, Laetshi summoned her kin among the childer of Ravnos and the descendents of
Sarrath so that they might subdue Ennoia. When Ennoia returned to the Gypsy camps she was
captured, and the Rom gathered to pass judgment upon her. According to the tale it was Kaen who
would hand out punishment, however, joining the Rom’s gathering to condemn the betrayer of his
favorite son. Cursing Ennoia as a beast, Kaen placed upon her what would become the clan curse of
all Gangrel. Condemned, Ennoia fled, but in her descendents a feud would continue to be waged
between the Ravnos and Gangrel. (we continue),
Our tale now picks with the bitter actions or the Cursed Ennoia, the found one thief and murderer
know as Dracien a leader of a gang of bandits who lurked in the far outlands of the second city,
who, legend and tales say, is of great and a unearthly beauty of a fallen angel. (He is not to be
confused with another thief Antediluvian named Dracien who was caught red-handed in theft and
later embraced by Irad: Son of Enoch, grandson of Cain.) This Dracien thought he saw easy prey in
the form of the beautiful Ennoia traveling in small lightly protected caravan, he moved the dark
intentions of rape, robbery and mass murder, but found horrors more than his own. His men attacked
the caravan strangely moving in the dark; instead of thinking this carefully through, he reasoning
was that they moved in fear of the killing desert sun of the raiders like his own. By this
rashness and greed of evil was these unfortunate events set forth. The original attack all were
slaughtered for those loyal to Ennoia who were loyal and loved her were not kindred but human and
fell easily to the sword, As usual and by evil intent those who were beautiful were always spared woman spared
for the after slaughter games of rape and torture, the ones who were spared were Ennoia and her
Roma servant hand maid Josephina, they were both stripped and thrown naked at the feet of the
Raider Lord Dracien, while the raider gang laughed and prepared for the orgy and rape to come.
The black hearted Dracien eyes shifted from each one the mesmerizing eyes of Josephina to the
flashing penetrating eyes of Ennoia, feeling that moment very much like a God, deciding which to
play with his self and which to give to the orgy of his followers and how fast and painfully they
shall die, his heart began racing at the thought. When his eyes were drawn to the fearless
predatory eyes of Ennoia and saw she was without fear he began to panic with a deep ingrained
survival instant and started to back away as she with a evil laugh began her protean shape shift
to the horror of gang of predators and Josephina alike, soon the blood and their screams subsided
and she wiped the blood of her own orgy way from her eyes and turned her attention to Dracien who
was both terrified and worshipping the very sight of her, His evil and beauty both moved her to
embrace him as Childre and their trail of horror began in this world, he turned his attention to
Josephina and wishing to feel that fleeting feeling of being God in turn embraced Josephina as
Childre and subjected her to many depravities until she fled the two evil ones and later centuries
later embraced Markus. But even the elder Ennoia grew tired of the Dracien and easily eluded him
leaving him to his own devices, without direction he grew tired and came to the land of the Myth,
fleeing all contact he hid underground under a lava cavern and fell into torpor, centuries passed
uneventful but a few times to rise and feed on whatever moved and return to torpor. One day he
was stirred by a resonance of his dreams and a draw to his bloodline, and invasion of his space
and land by a hated Childre of his Childre, and his Family the Labyrinthe came drawn by the magic
and or fate to this land and their resolve to never leave. He again felt a passion long forgotten,
Hate. The very sight of Markus drives him to frenzy and his insanity draws him to attempt to be a
God. His true goals are unclear even to his self his pride is his weakness and suffers the same
pains as the rest of us but apparently to lesser degree.
We must all watch for him and we need be aware of his power, and like a God he yearns for love and
worship and these thing continue to elude him.
Strength and Honor.

Nephilim enemy of the Antediluvian

I am Markus Childe Son of Josephina, Childe Daughter of Dracien, Childe Son of Ennoia, Childe Daughter of Ravnos, Son of Cain. I was born to mortal form on the fifth day of September in the year 1559. This battle of life and death was fought in my Fathers, Lord Calvin ab Llywellyn, Manor. and in my mothers bed, Lady Janice Elenor Dupree Llywellyn,, was doing the fight with me for it was a terrible hard birth an nearly killed her. But the lady would not give up the fight and after several hours of her cries and screams in her native French language, either praying to the One God or cursing her husband, and at the stroke of midnight I was pulled out screaming defiance at the world. The whispers of the servants was fearful and superstitious, talk of ill omens and vexes, which century’s later I see came to pass.
My parent marriage was arranged like most all those of Noble birth were at that time. The power that be used them is a stealthy game where people were used as chips by nobles and nations. All with secret agendas that come and like the tides on the shore.
But they grew together in a great and powerful love bound up by two powerful passions. One was their selfless love for me the other was their undying hatred for the English. My childhood was good and carefree running through the fields and trees like a free pagan. The only real fight between them was over me I a lone child she try to overprotect me he to prepare me for War and Statecraft for he never lost his dream of a Wales free of English Oppression.
So the two of them schemed and plotted their days away each for their own separate reasons but with the same goal. I grew entertained watching but had not a care in the world. As a grown son I would ride often at sunset around our grounds for I loved the sound of the night things the strange and terrible cries always aroused an indescribable
feeling so my rides became routine.
One fateful night during my ride I saw HER, she came out of the wood like a phantom the most beautiful girl in I had ever seen, pale white skin, long flowing jet back hair which shimmered like silk in the moonlight. Her rich full figure was dressed in a simple white dress, her piercing gaze and mesmerizing eyes gave me a startle for girl did not look so direct at a man. Her eyes were a deep green and after all these century’s I can still see them, her lips parted and her breathing seemed faster and I being young did not know the signs of passion having not had a woman yet. I thought she was frightened and cold as I had my great cloak on. I dismounted my mare to seem not so threatening and approached her. She then began speaking to me in French which I couldn’t understand, you see even though my mother is French she and my father insisted I only speak the language of our enemy to seek ways to undermine the Edwardian Crown so I grew up without learning my mothers tongue and little of Welsh either. But when I asked her if she was lost and could I help she say yes please, I’m Lost, Lost so Lost. I think that’s when I began our powerful love for when I impulsively took both her hands they were so cold yes I got such a charge out of her touch, electric, I exclaimed you are freezing my dear girl and whipped off my great cloak to throw around her shoulders and then she move close to me for the comfort or warm I foolishly thought. Her cheek was pressed to min how cold she was how exciting and aroused I was just to be close to such magnificent creature, felt her breath upon my neck and then a sharp bliss unlike anything I could ever describe. I faded into darkness when I came to my head was in her lap she was crying and saying No, No, No not again not alone I asked her why she cries she said she loved me and wanted to be with me forever and when I looked into her eyes I saw it was so. She asked if I would willingly be with her and I said yes. She then did the Dark Trick upon me the details of such I will not utter in this account for the way is secret among my kind. She said her name was Josephina and I was her one true love and She will teach me everything but we must be far from here before light of day because of the hunters. I agreed without a single mortal thought so caught up in my enhanced senses and emotions. Without thought of family or friend I was to go willing with her forever.
Suddenly we were ambushed by three armed men from the woods
and we started to flee, but she turned on them hissing like wild cat to let me excape and I stopped and attacked them with my broadsword but missed my mark and was laid low when I heard a thud I looked up horrified to see a arrow sticking into the breast of my beloved Josephina, her eyes still so beautiful bade me farewell so full of love for me at the end with the message to save myself. One of the villains then swung his sword in a great arch and her lovely head parted away her holy blood staining my world forever red. He cried kill all Nosferatu.
I then became berserker and suddenly they were in several pieces but I felt no joy in their deaths, just a overwhelming feeling of loss and the cold realization of just what I was Nosferatu the undead alone orphaned for my maker was dead unable to teach me the skill I need to survive. I could never go home but must wander. I gathered my love in my greatcoat and carried her to a secret place where she still sleeps and waits.
The first years were so hard slinking hiding learning to feed on animals and the evildoer, hide from the sunlight things one like me a Death Dealer needs to know I learned on my own.
Several time I saw my own kind some ferial, others in covens but all could tell there was something different about me as I had no Josephina to teach me the ways of our kind. So I wandered over the centuries form place to place settled in Japan to study bushido and honor during Shogunates rule, Then to my mothers homeland Paris, France here after hundreds of years I again felt passion again and being with people.
I wished to try a new blade in the dojo when the Sword Smith began to speak with me of many things. We discussed Training and Bushido at great length and he bought me to the Arena in Nosgoth, And my love for this Land begin.
I was asked by the Queen and joined a prestigious Family Hiatus Pure, and grew to great bonds with the Family members that remain to this day wherever they are. But soon the Tragedy struck and like the Roman Empire the Pures began to fall, and as mush as I fought to keep the Family together, even after attaining the power of the Diamond, it fell and members move to other Families which we have close ties with to this day. I had to accept defeat at this point for to continue would just be futile.
Then I brooded and thought how our lives are like a big dark maze that sometimes we get lost in and then it struck me I cannot save the old order but can start anew like the Phoenix, rising above the flames to a new glory preserving and improving the Tenets of the old order.
And thus Labyrinthe de l'obscurité was created in this direction. We are a free Warrior Society, whom discipline and truth, loyalty and honor is paramount in our lives.
To join us is to be invited, but questions are welcome. We are a fighting family and train with our warriors with great care. Our loyalty to one another is unswerving.
We lead by example and expect a warrior to be an example in our society.

So is put forth the historical account of

Markus Christopher Llewellyn,
Roi Labyrinthe de l'obscurité

On this the second day of January 2008
So sealed with our signet ring

Ammended note

The investigation into the blood line of the short-lived sire of Roi Markus who died by human hunter hands shortly after his embrace to the undead, his beloved Josephina is of the Gangrel bloodline. There were many clues to his true nature fits of moon madness and shapeshifting, and after he fled into the wild after his sire was killed he learned to live and spurn the trappings of civilization, preferring to roam the deep wilds of solitude. A long sought after parchment was discovered and brought to the king. Its review proved the bloodline and solved the mystery. The girl Josephina Carpathia of the family Carpathia, and an Romanian Gypsy and Gangrel Vampire. She lived in the Andalusia area in Spain but fled from Vampire hunters to the lands of Wales where she happened upon the king, This is this bloodline that make the king so unstable at time to the demonic influences and artifacts.

Prince Ptahel di Labryinthe

Ptahel di Labryinthe is the brother of Abel and Cain, son of the Angel of Death Samael and Eve, born in The Garden before the Fall of Man. Cain is the grandsire of MarkusChristopher Llewellyn di Labryinthe. However because Ptahel did not emerge from The Garden until MarkusChristopher had lived to maturity and been reborn into Twilight in the complicated genealogy of the Undying, Ptah is younger than Markus.

Kin and similar in ideology and temperment the two men also shared blood during the struggle with the assassin Kelothos (now reformed). The Gangrel blood was used in a healing spell by Illyana di Labryinthe while treating both of them. This act of compassion had three consequences. It restored both men, gave Ptahel who drank but was not drained direct access to demonic magic by bloodright as he already had access to angelic magic by birthright and created a strange bond of blood and magic between the three.

Ptahel came to Labryinthe after many adventures after leaving The Garden and during an age of wars. He joined the Diplomatic corp crafting careful and often discrete alliances in close consultation with King Markus and organizing elaborate events of State that some claim were cover for secret diplomatic activity. Ptahel also fought in many battles most notably the Seige of Seven Hours and has a reputation as a uniquely determined fighter and excellent strategist.

Ptahel left Labryinthe to return to The Garden for a time and then went abroad. Upon his return to Labryinthe MarkusChristopher quietly gave Prince Ptahel the seal of the Crown.

i hate reduce all to a ccs fast fight, i think that the ccs meter is only a enhanced of the game. The roleplay is something more than a quick fight. There are great games only for fight out there.

I prefer a good role play over a quick ccs victory or defeat.

I try to balance mine with focus on Perception and Will since I am a DPS with no self Armor, Endurance and Fortitude early to maximum level early in game so the code will allow a maximum addition of the points toward my Health and Stamina scores as it executes each coming level. Then remainder on strength for me is not as important since i have Luck 15 however mine is is bonked now for some reason i see other people near my level with less points to strength putting out more HP damages for some reason lool, they claim intelligence is going to be important especially in healing and self healing or Caster Skill stuff. I will put some points from strength towards there in my upcoming respec. One rule i do use is i snoop. I check the strongest oldest players i know CCS profile page see how they are putting points! Make a list ahead time have it handy during Respec!

This is a opportunity to be heard if you think your Sanction or a Dock or Ban is perhaps excessive or mistaken and wish to appeal. You must Appeal here before you go to a Global CCS GM or Admin. They are busy and not have time to get involved in the affairs of Affiliate CCS Sims Sanctions and Procedures. We will consider going over our procedures here as a GM Shopping and may increase you Sanctions and result in permanent estate ban. You may also just say you apologize here and wish some leniency, this too will be taken into consideration.
Couple items to keep in mind is you play CCS for free you do not pay for your CCS, When you come to a CCS Sim, it is not free we pay hard cash for the environment and lots of time and effort spend for you and is being provided for your entertainment. You really not have much to go on telling us how to run our Sims or the interpretation Sim rules and the CCS oversight issues! Game Masters exist to maintain a order if they are not respected the game loses it order. WE allow zero tolerance to disrespecting or arguing with a GM or interfering with his or her duty's. To us is grieffing. Is the job of the Game Master to interpret the rules here in the event of a GM call his call is final.

Here is a repeat of the Authorities I have in our rules, please read them again carefully, Thank you for your time and have some fun!


First, CCS is one GAME, it is not one UNIVERSE, it is one game, played in many different ways by around 300 or so seperate sims as of this time. I dictate to NO ONE, beyond the terms of use agreement which states that admin abuse of the system or the allowance of excessive camping can result in the loss of the system. I don't tell Demonia Arliss who she can ban in her sims, I don't tell Ravenal Ashby how to run the game in her sim, I don't tell Cross Voight how to handle the players in his sim. All CCS sim owners are autonomous outside of the terms of use agreement.
Suzanna Soyinka

CCS does not administer affiliate sims over the owners shoulders, there are only two instances where CCS gets involved in the administrative decisions of sim owners and thats if there is a direct violation or exploitation of the CCS system going on.
Suzanna Soyinka

First off there are no "CCS Battle" rules. There are Sim Combat Rules. They are individual and can differ from sim to sim. CCS does not tell a sim owner how to run their sims.
Suzanna Soyinka

In Conclusion if you not wish to obey our policies go elsewhere to play. LEAVE YOUR DRAMA WITH YOUR MAMMA! (I had to borrow that!- Markus ;))

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or this he he a real hellraiser!

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