Mythology of Mythos

The Green Crystals:-


In the begining was the Light.

And the Light created all things.

When the Light finished The Making It saught a place to rest, away from the worlds built, where time and space would not disturb.

Thus The Light created the Living Crystal to rest in and the Living Crystal begat a bubble in time and space.

And The Light Rested.




In the bubble a hole was made by great magics and a dying race sent through its seed.

And The Light awoke but thought this good.

Verily the Ancients of Lands learned of this and sought out that land.

Thus the Old Lord Dracien did come across that place and claimed it for Himself.

And The Light watched.

In turn through the small portal came refugee beings,

And they made the land their own, not judging another but by their actions in the land

The Light smiled and the land prospered,

And the Light Rested.





Shur'tuga or the Where Dragon Legacy

Once apon a time existed great magical mythical beasts, of a race of intelligent sentient dragons in world called Alagaësia.
Skulblaka they are called in the ancient tongue.

Their race was being exterminated and these dragons used a great dark magic to preserve the last of their very essence in a set of Enchanted Life Stones or Vanyalí Líf Stenr.

Facing inhilation they used their combined great magical knowledge to get the stones off world by a Great Sorcery. Their magic saught out The Light in Its resting place and sent the stones through a small hole they made in the protective bubble around the Living Crystal.

The Skulbuka, through the Stones may soul link with chosen ones or Bada'al to be Shur'tugal, or Where Dragon.

Thus the Skulbuka are preserved in the Stones saving the race from annihilation.



The Life Stones were found by BanSidhe Lourbridge an ancient Shide Witch deciphered the possibilities and hid them carefully, warding them with strong magic somewhere within the land . Clues of their whereabouts are hidden in the Great Library in Mythos.



Possession of a Life Stone can allow the bearer to shape shift and metamorph into the Dragon of the stone and share its life and memories with the Bada'al host as one being.

Not all are able to use the power as the Stone chooses the Bada'al and none other can use the stone without its free will. The stones magic works on any race or being chosen to be transformed.

The dragon Sentient of each Stone is individual and the link does create a full range of symbiotic interactions with their willing hosts. It is a Mutualism interaction where they both merge and benefit, as in their own world here, the merged Dragons are highly potent magical creatures, and their magic affects everything around them; thus Bada'al Hosts & Riders gain more power, longer lives, and improved senses.

The Sentient dragon essence draws the benefit of learning in the Bada'al host memories and emotions ways to keep their Race from extinction. Their real plan is long and secret.

The Shur'tugal or Where Dragon are able to fly and combat in the land and their riders are able to fight as well.

The ancient magics link the dragon inside the stone to the Bada'al Host, forming a Shur'tugal or Where Dragon

The Shur'tugal chooses its own Rider/s




The Blue Crystals:

Not all of the Shur'tugal Soul Stones survived the journey alive and sane.

Throughout the land are found small blue crystals immovably embedded in rock or floor. Sometimes they will allow a being touching them to move to another place some distance away in a heartbeat, as is a native ability of dragons, Sometimes they will not speak to the being, and sometimes they allow the being to choose their destination. They are sentient in this manner and that each Crystal chooses differently.


These Crystals have linked to the Living Crystal, and that power flows from crystal to crystal. The beings who touch them are carried with it.

Some places in the land can only be reached by these crystals.



The time space bubble causes a spherical rift eddy around the land. Where the hole in the bubble is, the people of Mythos built a port. Peoples of mythos can travel over the current throught the channel by vessel just out from the shore at the port to enter a whole new reality or time. Basically the only way in is through the hole by ship, while the Living Crystal is intact and the hole remains.

It is also known that The Old Lord Dracien utilises the Living Crystal in some way that allows him to rest according to some plan that only He knows. Disturbing these crystals is often met by the appearance of The Old Lord in the land and is strongly discouraged.

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