Role Play And Xp Awards

We do a program for both lands for best Role Player the week chosen at random by supervising GMs this award at this time has 500XP award each. If you win you are ineligible to win again for 60 days.. Only catch is the role plays have to be in the Sim of the Award! Good Role Playing all!

APRIL, 2009

Smokey Carr and Omnibus Janus. Both are XP winners of 500XP each for excellent role play Labyrinthe de Mythos recommended by request GM Micara


05.01 Areton McMillan - Exemplary RP and Faction Support in Myth Zone - 250 XP's added - Markus

03.01 Ghostly Jinx - Good RP in Myth Zone - 250 XP's added - Markus

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