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Mythos of Twilight Zone Estate Policies

Thank you for your support in this Land. As I say is for you and your role play.
As I keep harping on this land exists only for role play, we are not overly strict on may items other Sims are strict on, to include our dress code is primarily Medieval. No Guns.
I will remove the Spider Monster rezzer until we find a nice Melee monster rezzer we have seen couple and will see if we can obtain one works with CCS.

Morals, our morals In Character can be varied. CCS Combat and Role Play is a dark role play. The Labyrinthe de Mythos is a Enlightened Land but not all can be a Second Life Linden Labs beach resort, Evil exists, we can and will be invaded by attackers and if defeated be sure and role play it. Never ask a attacker in ((OOC why did you attack me?)) this is not legal to do, when you can draw breath or wake up weakly ask IC why, is permitted stay IC, If you are defeated we can do a nice revenge RP for you and is creating more role play.

The Law of the Crown does not IC support Slavery as we are a Free Land, but Slavery exists, if a pair of players come here and are role playing Submissive and Dominate Gor things is really not anyone’s business, especially OOC. It is almost sexual in nature and well frankly I not tell anyone how they must role play is defeating the purpose of a free will role play.

Protests IC could of course turn fun; however do not allow personal feelings intercede, STAY IC always. The Freedoms of Religion and Sexual Orientation are protected by the Crown IC. Keep it in mind in your role plays. We are brothers and sisters IC real brothers and sister sometimes fight among selves and have rivalries and quarrels is fun but stay IC with them like combat quarrels need have a IC reason never OOC.

Coordinators are here to assist the GM, we chose the Coordinators primarily now to assist us with watching for Global CCS exploits and camping issues. Renters and our regular players are not ever to be abused by those in power OOC ever. I personally review every complaint and I will take action against anyone that does that to include our beloved GMs and Owners in the estate. However if you stray OOC you are equally wrong. Period. Staff donates time to assist us in running the estate and is a gift to the players.

Remember behind these keys we are all human beings with fear wants and feelings that really can be easily hurt by things here is just a fact and we need to keep it in mind. All of us make mistakes and errs in judgments and is how we learn in life.

Observers: we have been turning a blind eye to small role play by visitors wearing observers tags, so they can get the feel of the role play and maybe join us in CCS and RP here, however remember really observers are not supposed to be role playing and never a hostile RP ever. Never attack or use CCS Skills on a person willfully noncomb or not wearing a CCS. ((we allow some gaining racial points noncomb as only exclusion, but ask first, so is not an issue later. ;))

The Role Play School is getting closer to a steady curriculum, we are adopting the class outline of Winter has proposed. We also will start a Group for the Teacher Guilde to facilitate this work and the proposed volunteers will be able to coordinate the teaching schedules for coverage of all time zone. Experienced Teachers or Players interested may contact me for more information and inclusion.

Once again thank you all for your great role play and support. We are watching still for Good Role Play XP awards and will continue to monitor the land.

Love and Respect

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